Betapure7 disposable filter capsules are now available. Absolute-rated Betapure capsule filters, available with removal ratings from 2-190 microns, are designed for small volume filter applications and laboratory testing in the coatings market. The filter construction uses long bi-component fibers composed of an inner polypropylene core and outer polyethylene sheath. Circle No. 123

Filter Specialists Inc.
This company has developed a new filter bag seating tool. This tool is manufactured of lightweight, corrosion resistant aluminum and features a t-handle for no-slip grip and ease of use. Use of the tool ensures correct filter bag insertion and seating, providing maximum filtration effectiveness and bag life by eliminating bag bunching, shortening and unsupported bag fit onto basket bottom. Circle No. 124

Filtration Systems
Valved, individual filter housings from this company allow liquid flow to be shut off at the unit, rather than at a distant source, saving time during media change-out. Two stainless steel ball valves, on the inlet and outlet of each vessel, function as shut-off valves, isolating the housing from the filtering process. Circle No. 125

MM Industries, VORTI-SIV Div.
Self-cleaning inline filtration equipment is offered for the coatings industry. These heavily reinforced horizontally or vertically mounted all stainless steel units are supplied with 1", 2", 3", and 4" inlets/outlets. A stainless steel screen element is rotated by an air or explosion proof electric drive into an external series of cleaning blades. Circle No. 126

Rosedale Products Inc.
Quick Access Cover for Bag & Cartridge Filter Housings feature a clamp and spring-assisted hinged cover resulting in the company's fastest and easiest cover to remove, requiring no special tools. These housings can reduce element change-out time, lower operating costs that improve productivity. The average time necessary to open and close a traditional eyebolt style housing is 15 to 25 minutes, while the average time it takes to open and close the QAC is only 5-15 seconds. Circle No. 127

RPA Process Technologies
DCF mechanically cleaned filters are now available in a twin actuator design. The DCF Twin filters use dual actuators instead of a combination actuator/drive shaft, isolating the pneumatic drive mechanism from the submerged cleaning disc shaft. The cleaning disc removes contaminants from the filter media and collects them for purging. Circle No. 128