BERGEN OP ZOOM, the Netherlands - On December 31, 2004, ownership of Akzo Nobel Coating Resins officially transferred to Nuplex Industries Ltd. of New Zealand. On January 3, 2005, John Hirst, managing director of Nuplex Industries, and Rob Harmsen, general manager of Coating Resins, were present in Bergen op Zoom for a symbolic transition ceremony.

To Nuplex Industries Ltd., the acquisition is of major strategic interest. Says Hirst, "We consider the cooperation between Nuplex Industries and Coating Resins to be an excellent step forward in the growth and development of both businesses. The acquisition provides a strategic fit with Nuplex's core business. It will transform Nuplex into a global group. Nuplex Industries is present in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, whereas Coating Resins is active in Europe, Asia and the Americas. In addition, the acquisition will enable Nuplex to take ownership of leading resin technology."

With the acquisition of Akzo Nobel Resins, the total number of employees of Nuplex Industries Ltd. will be approximately 2,000. Of these, some 850 are part of the Coating Resins organization.

The Nuplex Resins business is the largest producer in Australasia of resins for use by the paint, ink, adhesive, fiber-reinforced plastics, construction, paper and textile industries. The product types include water-based polymer dispersions, solvent-based resin solutions, unsaturated polyesters and solid resins. Nuplex Resins operates in New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam and China.

Nuplex Resins is a division of Nuplex Industries Ltd. The company is a leading global player in specialized resins for coatings. Nuplex Resins has manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Americas and Asia.