Products to look for

UV-Curable Resins
Surface Specialties, Inc.
Ucecoat® 7849 offers outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of woods, cork and paper, and provides good flexibility, stain and scratch resistance. Ucecoat 6558 is a waterborne aliphatic urethane acrylate that was developed within the range to ensure superb results in primer formulations with incomparable wood wetting. Also, depending on the substrate and coat weight, it offers the advantage of potentially eliminating the flash-off step since the water can be partially absorbed into the wood, and mostly evaporated by the heat of the UV lamps. Ucecoat resins provide outstanding coating performance with very fast drying for immediate stacking of coated items, easy handling and minimal dust attraction.

Nanoparticle Pigments
TOR Minerals
Company has developed two new Alumina Mono Oxyhydrate-based pigments for use in the coatings industry. The pigments, which are both in the nanoparticle range, have been registered as TOR BRITE™ and TOR COAT™. The pigments impart hardness and gloss to coatings, which improves characteristics like impact and scratch resistance. These new pigments are the first of a number of new products the company is introducing that utilize its propriety production process, which allows TOR to economically produce commercial quantities of nanoparticle-size pigments. Visit

Adhesion Promoter
AdBloc is a coatings adhesion promoter that has the lowest hazardous air pollutant (HAPs) content of any comparable product on the market. AdBloc will help manufacturers of plastic automotive parts meet federal emission standards for HAPs, while meeting or exceeding industry standards for adhesion and resistance to humidity and gasoline spills. According to the company, AdBloc has been approved by two of the major automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and is already being used by an automotive parts supplier to one of the OEMs. Visit

Methyl Acetate as an Alternate to Acetone
Eastman Chemical Co.
Company offers Eastman Methyl Acetate, a non-HAP, VOC-exempt replacement, to help meet customer demand for alternatives to acetone. Methyl acetate has a higher flash point than acetone and also offers hydrophobic properties, resulting in improved cost and performance benefits over acetone in some applications. Compatible with a broad range of resin systems, Eastman Methyl Acetate is suitable for coatings formulations, including wood, aerosol and automotive coatings, and printing inks. Visit

Solvent-Based Resin
Plioway Ultra 350 is an odorless solvent-based resin that speeds the primer application process and reduces VOC emissions. The resin system enables manufacturers to broaden their product offerings, making primer application more "user friendly." The low-odor system gives the same superior solventborne performance without the need to have the area evacuated during application and curing. This resin gives the primer the ability to block water-soluble inks and tannin stains, as well as seal/block in odors from nicotine stains and fire damage. Call 330/734.1223.