materials in the industry

Crompton Corp.'s OSi Specialties business announces the introduction of Silquest(r) A-LinkT 35 silane and Silquest A-Link 25 silane designed to be curatives and adhesion promoters for a range of coatings applications. Circle No. 227

DSM Desotech announces the introduction of Cablelite(tm)9D7-463 - a UV-curable tight buffer (upjacketing) material that meets cablers' need for a flame-retardant product that can be processed at high line speeds. Circle No. 228

EM Industries Inc. offers Colorstream(r) multi-color effect pigments, a new generation of pigments based on silicon dioxide flakes coated with metal oxides. The SiO2 flakes are synthetically produced using a newly developed web-coating process. The pigments exhibit angle dependent color changes that can be used very effectively to design new and innovative color tones. Circle No. 229

Kessler Chemical announces the availability of KessChem(tm)10, chemically Monochlorotoluene. The product is available in 55-gal drums and bulk isotanks. Circle No. 230

Kyowa Hakko Kogyo Co. Ltd. announced the commercial availability of a new high-performance diacid, 2,4-diethylglutaric acid. Ideal for demanding coatings applications, the material provides high solubility for solvents and resins when compared to conventional straight chain diacids. Circle No. 231

Moly-White Pigments Group introduces two new corrosion inhibitors: Moly-White CZM and Moly-White Zinc Phosphate. Both products offer cost-effective performance in a variety of water- and solventborne coating applications. CZM, a calcium zinc molybdate based corrosion inhibitor and zinc phosphate, a conventional, unmodified zinc phosphate pigment, are now both fully commercial. Circle No. 232

Ondeo Nalco Co.'s family of specialty biocides, TEKTAMER, BIOCHEK, and METASOL, includes liquid and dry products that provide a range of antimicrobial activity. The preservatives have excellent toxicological profiles and are environmentally compliant. The company also offers a series of patented synergistic combinations designed to meet safety and performance standards at reduced dosages. Circle No. 233