WASHINGTON - New York recently became the second northeastern state to enact a VOC regulation on architectural and industrial maintenance (AIM) coatings, as the state's Environmental Board adopted a rule based on a model regulation issued in 2000 by the 12-state Ozone Transport Commission (OTC).

AIM VOC regulations essentially identical to the New York rule and a regulation approved previously in Delaware are also nearing final approval in Pennsylvania and Virginia, with the rules in all four states scheduled to become effective on Jan. 1, 2005.

The New York rule sets VOC-content limits for 52 categories of coatings, including 100 grams per liter for flat coatings, 150 g/l for non-flat coatings, 340 g/l for industrial maintenance coatings, and 250 g/l for roof coatings.

The OTC recommendations for the rule are based on a suggested control measure issued by the California Air Resources Board. The New York Department of Environmental Conservation said the limits are more stringent than a national VOC rule for 40 categories of coatings, and are more stringent than existing state limits for 31 categories.

The NPCA has filed a court challenge of the Delaware AIM VOC rule, which was the first to be adopted by an OTC member state. In the lawsuit, the NPCA says the state based its AIM rule on regulations developed in California, without taking into account the "radically different climate" on the East Coast.

More information on the New York regulation is available at the website located at www. dec.state.ny.us/ website/dar/amendments.html.