Product Watch

AGA Chemicals Inc., a subsidiary of Japan's Asahi Glass Company, has introduced Lumiflon LF-710F, a 100%-solid polymer for powder coatings. In addition to featuring all the benefits of Lumiflon's solvent-soluble fluoropolymers, which include superior corrosion resistance, UV resistance, solubility and appearance, Lumiflon LF-710F boasts a 90-98% application rate (vs. 70-80% in solvent grades) and compliancy with international VOC environmental standards. For more information, contact Telly Wong, Dentsu Communications,

Dock Resins Corp. now offers two new UV-curable resins for printing ink formulators. DORESCO(r) UVC75-1 is a low-viscosity, high-functionality melamine acrylate oligomer that offers superior physical strength and chemical resistance. UVC81-3 is a high-Tg acrylic polymer that can be used as a vehicle for clear and pigmented UV-curable silkscreen inks. For more information, visit

EMD Chemicals Inc. introduces T10-02 Arctic Fire, the newest addition to its Colorstream(r) product line. This multicolor-effect pigment demonstrates a color change from subtle turquoise to brilliant silver to metallic red depending on the angle of observation. The transparent properties of Arctic Fire allow it to be used in conjunction with organic and inorganic colorants as well as other effect pigments. For more information, visit the company's website at, or call 888/367.3275.

Engelhard Corp. announces two new effect pigments that offer makers of automotive coatings higher color purity and clarity than traditional pearlescent pigments. Exterior Lumina(r) Pearl Radiance and Brass pigments are mica-based and feature increased chromaticity at the reflection angle. They are based on tight mica particle-size distribution, which leads to their improved properties. For more information, phone 732/205.5000; fax 732/321.0250; or visit

International Specialty Products (ISP) introduces FUNGITROL(r) 720 (patent pending), a "new-generation," IPBC-based biocide. The company's new dry-film solution provides effective fungicidal protection to decorative coating surfaces without adding potentially carcinogenic and ozone-forming VOCs to the environment. IPBC (iodopropynylbutylcarbamate) is a highly versatile, broad-spectrum fungicide with additional anti-bacterial properties. FUNGITROL 720 combines the extensive protection capability of IPBC with a unique, new biocide carrier. Moreover, the product is compatible with a variety of aqueous and non-aqueous paint formulations and plastic compounds. For more information, call 973/872.4447, or visit

Saiden Technologies announces the commercial launch of Formulator's Select acrylic emulsion, which is produced from a unique reaction of acrylic monomers. The balance of high solids and low viscosity allows versatility. According to the manufacturer, this planet-friendly polymer is the world's highest solids, lowest viscosity acrylic emulsion. For more information, call 800/874.5878 or visit