READING, PA - Rohm and Haas Co.'s Morton Powder Coatings division announced the launch of a research and development alliance with Cyclics Corp. to develop low-viscosity powder-coating formulations using Cyclics' CBT resins. Morton said the agreement will target the development of thinner-film thermoplastic coatings.

Under the agreement, a Morton Powder Coatings research and development team will work with research experts from Cyclics to determine how Cyclics' CBT resins can be incorporated into powder-coatings applications. Initial areas of focus will be the development of formulations with different performance characteristics and identification of market opportunities where Cyclics' resins will offer performance advantages, Morton said.

Cyclics, based in Schenectady, NY, manufactures resins that are said to offer the low viscosity characteristics of thermoset materials, but provide properties of thermoplastics when polymerized.