New materials to take note

Acima, a Rohm and Haas Co., announces that the United States EPA has granted registration for the use of a new preservative, Rocima 607 microbicide. The registration permits applications that include water-based coatings such as paints, slurries, pastes, adhesives and joint compounds. For more information, phone David Sutton, 215/592.6855.

Daikin America Inc. now offers DAIKIN-POLYFLON(tm) F-107, a high-molecular-weight homopolymer PTFE fine powder designed for high stretch applications. For more information, call 800/365.9570 or visit

Dock Resins' DORESCO(r) AC423 series of solventborne acrylic resins adheres strongly to a variety of plastic film and sheet. The resins can be used in interior and exterior applications. For more information, visit

MD-Both Industries has introduced new non-leafing aluminum powders for powder coating applications. These new additions to the Powdal(tm) series of metallic pigment products are available in average particle size distributions ranging from 81 micron to 12 micron. For more information, phone 630/876.2249 or visit

Rhodia Silicones announces a new anti-misting additive, Silcolease(r) AMA 745, for high-speed thermal solventless coating systems. The material is a silicone additive designed for release systems running at high speeds. For more information, call 866/4-RHODIA or visit