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Self-Initiating Resin
Ashland Specialty Chemical
FlexCureTM self-initiating resins utilize a proprietary, energy-curable acrylic resin chemistry. Unlike conventional UV-cured resin systems, this new class of molecules is "self-initiating." With exposure to typical commercial UV energy dosages, optimum cure can be achieved with little or no photoinitiator. Call 614/790.3446.

Tin Oxide
Nanophase Technologies Corp.
Company has announced pilot availability of silver-doped nanocrystalline tin oxide. The new nanomaterial is approximately 30 nanometers with a 3% by weight silver content. Nanophase is targeting the material for certain industrial antimicrobial applications such as wood preservation, marine antifouling, specialty paints and coatings, and plastic and rubber additives, as well as conductive coatings and electronic materials. The nanomaterial is available in pilot quantities, and the company is interested in joint development opportunities for industrial antimicrobial or electronic materials applications. Call 630/771.6729.

Southern Clay Products
Garamite™ 2578 is a patented, mixed mineral thixotrope specifically designed to enhance rheology at low viscosity in thin film applications, such as crosslinked thermoset systems, Class A decorative finishes and high-gloss coatings. It also is recommended for use in high-solids and 100%-solids systems. The product offers unique recovery properties, providing higher resistance to sag, thermal slump and settling than other thixotropes, including fumed silica, organoclays, hydrogenated castors and polyamide waxes. Call 830/672.2891.

Monomers and Oligomers
Sartomer Co.
Company has introduced 15 new oligomers that enable formulators to develop UV/EB-cure:

  • coatings that exhibit low or moderate viscosity, flexibility, excellent weatherability, abrasion resistance, hardness, fast cure, and adhesion to plastics;

  • inks that exhibit low viscosity, good pigment wetting, low odor, excellent stability, excellent heat stability, high Tg, and low skin irritancy.

Hydrophobing Resins
Tego Coating & Ink Additives
Company introduces a line of hydrophobing resins for mineral surfaces. Based on polysiloxane technology, TEGO® Phobe 1400 and TEGO Phobe 1500N provide a water-beading effect to topcoat formulations, and solvent-free, VOC-free TEGO Phobe 1600 can increase water vapor permeability of these same systems. A combination of TEGO Phobe 1400 or 1500N with 1600 in a straight acrylic formulation can provide both a water-beading effect and achieve good water-vapor permeability and low water absorption. Coatings result in low-stress films with good adhesion and resistance to mold, algae and fungus. Call 800/446.1809.

Epoxy Curing Agent
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
Ancamine® 2625 curing agent was developed in response to a market need for a curing agent for formulations with increased chemical resistance for coating concrete and metal. This non-MDA aromatic amine is designed for use in two-package epoxy formulations. It is especially suitable for use with multi-functional, epoxy novalac resins. It is plasticizer-free to allow more formulating flexibility. Call 800/345.3148.