VERNON HILLS, IL - A study commissioned by RPM Inc.'s Rust-Oleum subsidiary concludes that business owners, plant-facility managers and health and safety executives are interested in reducing workplace hazards related to painting activities while allowing such activities to take place during normal business hours.

The study, titled "Industrial Paint Policy and Perception Survey," was conducted by StrategyOne, a Washington, DC-based market-research and strategic-communications agency. Rust-Oleum said the survey was designed to raise awareness of health risks related to painting and "encourage an industry consciousness for alternative solutions."

John Simons, vice president of marketing for Rust-Oleum Industrial Brands, said the new survey showed how "top of mind" health concerns were among business owners and managers involved in making decisions related to painting activities.

Rust-Oleum said the survey showed significant interest in coatings that offer high performance but no VOCs, hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) or odor.

The company said 41% of businesses surveyed indicated they currently are paying painting crews overtime to get the job done during off-hours and as a result are searching for new ways to reduce job costs. Additionally, 77% of these decision-makers said they would prefer to schedule painting for indoor applications during normal business hours when labor rates are lower.

The survey also showed nearly unanimous agreement that high-performance paints are required in many applications to provide chemical and abrasion resistance.