MIDLAND, Mich. - Perceptions regarding who is primarily responsible for innovation have expanded from the confines of the laboratory to include all employees of a company, according to a study of a cross-section of managers and professionals in manufacturing companies in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Dow Corning Corp. released the research results on August 23, 2006.

More than a third of respondents (37 percent) said they are counting on all employees, not just the head of science and technology, to advance innovation in their companies. Twenty-three percent of respondents felt that innovation is the responsibility of the chief technology officer.

Harris Interactive, Inc., on behalf of Dow Corning, conducted the global study. Harris Interactive, Rochester, N.Y., is widely known for The Harris Poll.

"The results show a trend away from the traditional ‘inside-out' approach to innovation, which involves creating a new product or solution and then looking for a way to sell it," said Scott Fuson, global executive director for marketing, sales and customer service at Dow Corning. "Respondents now are turning to an ‘outside-in' perspective of monitoring the external environment, market needs and customer expectations, and then creating products, services and solutions to address those needs."

For more information about the research methodology and results, go to www.dowcorning.com/content/about/aboutmedia/research_newletter3.pdf.