Bayer was experiencing an adhesion problem with its product identification decals.

Bayer Corp., a large healthcare equipment company, was experiencing an adhesion problem with its product identification decals. In effect, the decals that were being used on its blood-testing equipment were literally falling off. Company engineers guessed that the adhesive on the decals could be defective. Overall, the implications from this problem were potentially very costly. If the decals would not adhere properly, the company would not be able to ship its products, and could possibly lose business and miss new marketing opportunities.

The Solution

Realizing it needed a timely solution, Bayer contacted Visual Marking Systems, Twinsburg, OH, a company considered to be an expert in providing product-identification solutions. Bayer knew that VMS worked closely with product engineers to specify the ideal materials and processes for decal applications. VMS visited the facility to assess the situation. It learned that the equipment paint process had recently been changed to a new powder coating material. VMS determined that this new process altered the surface energy of the paint, causing a different bonding effect with the adhesive on the decals. VMS engineers determined the proper adhesive to use on the new substrate, and worked closely with Bayer engineers to review every blueprint and make the necessary revisions to correct the problem. The entire process was completed quickly and efficiently.

The Result

In addition to providing a complete and timely solution to Bayer’s decal adhesion problem, VMS assisted the company with another issue relating to their paint process exchange — UL certification. Because the existing equipment had already been submitted to UL for certification, Bayer also needed to have the new labels submitted and approved to stay in compliance. VMS was able to help Bayer by attaining UL certification in a timely manner. As a result, the company avoided additional problems and was back to work providing quality equipment to its customers.