The Neoflex waterproof system was selected to coat all six domes of the structure.
In the environment of the world's second largest desert, the Mojave, interesting challenges were presented to the exterior skin of the property. Wind-blown abrasives constantly attack and abrade the beautiful domes that were constructed with a lightweight EFIS (extruded polystyrene panel). General Contractor Marnell Corrao Associates Inc., Las Vegas, selected Neogard's Auto-Gard II, Peda-Gard II and Neoflex elastomeric coating systems to provide protection to the parking structure, exterior balconies, and domes of the hotel. "The building owners, while excellent at gaming and games of chance, were not willing to risk water intrusion," said Neogard Regional Manager Jim Nelson.

The Auto-Gard II system, applied by Sierra Waterproofing, Las Vegas, was chosen to waterproof and protect both the top and driving decks of the 250,000-square-foot parking structure. Auto-Gard II is an elastomeric waterproofing system that is applied to the concrete surface. It is designed to protect new and existing pavement by offering a durable, skid-resistant surface that bridges hairline cracks and protects concrete from leakage and moisture intrusion.

Eberhard Southwest Roofing, Las Vegas, applied Peda-Gard II to all exterior balconies. The material is a pedestrian traffic-bearing system with the same physical properties and protection offered by Auto-Gard II, but engineered for lighter pedestrian loads. All suites with the exterior balconies were sloped to drain with the Neogard Floor-Gard epoxy systems then followed by the Peda-Gard II traffic topping system for the aesthetics and waterproofing.

The Neoflex waterproof system was selected for the exterior protective membrane, to coat all six domes of the structure. The material is a high resinous elastomeric membrane that can withstand the typical 70°F swing in thermal shock. A total of four coats of Neoflex were applied to provide waterproofing protection. Green and gold acrylic paints were used to enhance the exterior of the resort, and to ensure that minimal maintenance would be required to the actual wall coating systems.

Neogard, a division of Jones-Blair Co., manufactures elastomeric roofing, surface-applied waterproofing and epoxy flooring systems used in commercial and industrial construction.