In today's high-demand world, protective surface treatment applications are an essential tool in preserving functionality as well as a product appearance. Leading the charge in the fight for multi-surface protection is Peach State Labs' Sartech, a creative chemistry solution that enhances product performance. Sartech is a new protective surface coating polymer that combines inventive and creative chemistry to protect products.

Sartech can be formulated to protect the finish and help enhance the durability of both consumer and commercial products. The product can be added during the manufacturing process to impregnate products, or it can be applied to products in a topical treatment after production. Sartech creates a repellant barrier when applied to the outer surface of most products, enhancing the durability of consumer or commercial goods. The product has a molecular weight of 10,000, which allows it to create an unmatched repellant barrier against liquid penetration.

In its simplest form, Sartech is a direct challenge to silicone-based products for weatherability and durability. The easy-to-handle, non-toxic and environmentally friendly product has proven to have many industry applications, ranging from coatings to building products and marine applications.

Testing Sartech

Sartech manufacturer, Peach State Labs, Inc., conducted extensive testing with coatings manufacturers that revealed the polymer's strength as a coating for wood products. In the construction industry, when referring to resistance of moisture penetration and damage, Sartech is superior to competitive products currently used in the industry that are silicone-based.

Tests showed that even the smallest amount of Sartech applied to a surface, or used as an ingredient in existing products, yields maximum liquid repellency over existing product formulations and off-the-shelf protective surface coatings.

Additional building-industry tests are being conducted to replace traditional polypropylene wraps as a moisture barrier on home exteriors. Sartech is ideal in situations where moisture is the issue, not insulation.

Peach State Labs is also working with leading manufacturers to enhance current silicone-based sealant solutions, which currently only last up to two to five years before allowing penetration. In fact, Sartech is a direct challenge to the repellency of silicone-based products. These manufacturers apply sealants on wood products like windows to minimize penetration inward from moisture. Conclusions from these tests have found that minute amounts of Sartech provide high levels of protection against penetration of liquids in these applications.

In addition, Sartech does not interfere with formulas of existing paint products, thus there is no effect on color change or texture finish. Sartech can be introduced as an ingredient during the manufacturing process of coatings to improve the existing product's resiliency and protective qualities. Silicone pre-coats differ from Sartech's protective benefits, as surfaces cannot be sealed properly because the silicone particles are not small enough to cover the cracks and crevices in wood surfaces.

Industry Improvers

While Sartech is highly effective as a stand-alone coating, it can also be made into a powder or liquid for addition to any existing paint or coating product. Sartech can be formulated in liquid or powder formulas to meet manufacturer-specific requirements for products, including acrylics, polyurethanes and epoxies.

The colorless and odorless Sartech can be engineered to suit a current coatings base, or involve new bases. The result is improved/increased repellency to all liquids, improving the life of the coating from weathering.

Peach State Labs continues to identify new applications for Sartech through testing with manufacturers. The company is currently exploring the potential of surface treatment in marine applications and home siding products to reduce damage caused by microbes and molds. Sartech can also be added to artistic clear coats for preservations of antiquities, etc.

Sartech in Action

Applications for Sartech vary. As an anti-graffiti solution, the outside surface would be coated with a solventborne system with Sartech added. By simply rolling or spraying this on the surface, when it dries, it would become a non-stick surface. Sartech could be formulated to make surfaces easier to clean, or to completely resist damage caused by graffiti, depending on the manufacturing requirements or product's application. Its durability is directly related to the type of paint base used.

Sartech does not alter the existing adhesive properties of paint and surface coatings. Existing products would last as long as the existing surface coating lasts; in most cases, it will even prolong the durability of paint and coatings. Existing products would still have limited shelf lives due to damage caused by other elements, such as direct sunlight. As far as liquids are concerned, materials such as rubbing alcohol, blood and motor oil are whisked away with ease on protected surfaces.


Sartech is aggressively positioned to change the protective coatings industry. With such a wide range of applications, nearly every material that needs coatings protection could benefit from its protective qualities. Sartech is a breathable, durable solution with qualities unlike most on the market today. As research and testing continue, more and more applications and industry improvements will come, further distinguishing Sartech from other protective surface coatings.

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