The industry's latest offerings


Fumed Zinc Oxide
AdNano® fumed zinc oxide increases the lifetime of outdoor coatings by providing effective stability at high temperatures and long-life protection. The product's highly accessible surface area opens up the possibility for a number of other applications, including corrosion protection for coatings. In some instances, it will be possible to reduce the quantity of zinc oxide used by substituting AdNano fumed zinc oxide for non-fumed grades of zinc oxide. The product is available in two grades: VP AdNano ZnO 20 (hydrophilic version) and VP AdNano Z805 (silanized hydrophobic version). Call 888/SILICAS (745/4227).

GE Advanced Materials-Silicones
SPUR+* Y-15735 LM prepolymer is a low-modulus member of a new family of next-generation silylated polyurethane resins for adhesives, sealants and coatings applications. SPUR+ prepolymers offer exceptional adhesion to a wide range of porous and non-porous substrates, including metals, glass, ceramics and plastics - even wet, primerless concrete. Specifically, SPUR+ Y-15735 LM prepolymer is three times as fast in tack-free time and enhances deep-section cure under ambient conditions by about 50 percent, compared to similar resins with earlier silane end capping technologies. Visit (*SPUR+ is a trademark of General Electric Company.)

Magnesium Oxide Nanomaterial
Nanophase Technologies
NanoArc® magnesium oxide has a particle size of ~30 nanometers and consists of discrete cubic particles, absent hydroxyl groups on the particle surface, which is characteristic of conventional MgO. The product is expected to have utility in crosslinking and other catalysis, acid scavenging, corrosion inhibiting and as a dielectric material in super capacitors. Visit

Calcium Stearate Dispersion
Company has launched a vegetable-based lubricant for paper and paperboard coatings called Calsan 50V calcium stearate. Based on palm oil, the product provides good gloss, prevents dusting and fold cracking in paper and paperboard, and is free of animal byproducts, making it ideal for a number of food-contact applications such as food packaging and other applications where use of animal-derived materials is not desired. Visit

Wetting and Flow Additive
Troy Corp.
Troysol ZLAC substrate wetting and flow additive provides the same benefits and attributes long associated with Troysol LAC, but without the VOCs. Troysol ZLAC substantially reduces surface tension, providing coatings with strong surface wetting properties and enabling uniform coverage over low-energy and contaminated substrates. It is easy to incorporate, promotes wetting of low-energy substrates, and provides higher gloss, improved flow and leveling, and excellent color acceptance. Visit

New MDI Variants
Huntsman Polyurethanes
Suprasec 4102 and Suprasec 1398 are designed to improve liquid stability and to allow easier material management, helping to facilitate storage conditions and reduce costs for the manufacturers of adhesives, coatings and elastomer systems. The products can be used for the production of quasi and full pre-polymers, replacing pure MDI in the production of clear and liquid-stable elastomeric pre-polymers for applications such as spray and cast polyurethane elastomers, PU coatings and adhesives. In comparison to pure MDI, which needs to be stored frozen, Suprasec 4102 is a liquid material offering improved lower temperature stability, which means that it can be stored more cheaply and conveniently at room temperature. In contrast, Suprasec 1398 can increase the longevity of a liquid variant's storage life without losing most of the unique characteristics of pure MDI. Call +44 (0) 1223 566212

Photoluminescent Dispersions
TriVona Innovations, LLC
Company has developed a series of submicron, long-afterglow universal photoluminescent dispersions. These dispersions are highly concentrated and manufactured to minimize or eliminate settling and to provide ease of incorporation into a variety of coatings, inks, plastics and polymeric systems. They have been formulated to provide maximum glow properties and optimized particle distribution. These liquid concentrates are cost effective, stable and very easy to blend with water-, solvent- and oil-based systems. Visit

Base Formulation
Solvay Caprolactones, Goldschmidt TIB and Rhodia
These companies have developed a base formulation that addresses the problems encountered by formulators of clear topcoats. The base formulation uses a CAPA® polycaprolactone polyol from Solvay Caprolactones, a Tolonate® aliphatic isocyanate from Rhodia and two new Tegokat® catalysts from Goldschmidt TIB. The CAPA polyol is a low-molecular-weight diol and the Tolonate isocyanate is a HDI trimer. The two new Tegokat catalysts allow the formulator to optimize the pot life and cure time to their own desired requirement. The base formulation has a very high solids content. Visit

Silicone Resins
SILRES® resins are specialty polysiloxanes that markedly enhance the heat resistance of coatings and polymers. They serve as binders for high-temperature-resistant paints and surface coatings. Preferred applications are automotive exhaust systems, heat shields, aerospace engines, heat-resistant exterior paints, and the coating of ovens, cookers, grills and baking trays. Visit

ANGUS Chemical Co.
The ACCELACURE™ fast-cure Novolac System delivers the processing performance of polyester combined with the flame, smoke and smoke toxicity (FST) performance of a phenolic. This represents an entirely new class of fire-resistant thermosets; a system that delivers both FST and exceptional processing benefits, and that can be used in a wide range of applications. It provides a number of benefits over competitive materials, including improved mechanical performance, fast and easy processing rates and unmatched FST performance. ACCELACURE PT 1.0 may be used instead of existing fire-resistant resins, such as phenolic resoles, modified acrylic urethanes and fire-resistant polyesters. Visit