CLEVELAND — The Sherwin-Williams Co. has been named a recipient of the National Council to Prevent Delinquency’s “Partner in Prevention” award for contributions to the council’s Anti-Graffiti project. Sherwin-Williams has provided funding for the council’s programs; paint and supplies for neighborhood cleanups; and technical and field support “wherever and whenever asked,” said Robert Hills, the council’s director.

The Council to Prevent Delinquency, which is supported by the coatings industry, works to discourage the dangerous or illegal misuse of consumer products such as aerosol paint by distributing information and providing theft-prevention training to retailers and graffiti-abatement and prevention programs to cities and counties.

In accepting the award for Sherwin-Williams, Chairman and CEO Christopher M. Connor said the company “takes the misuse of our products and those of other paint manufacturers very seriously.” He said the company hopes its support of anti-graffiti programs results in “a positive change in the values and behavior of the small number of young people who are committing this crime.”