ALEXANDRIA, VA — Trends in fashion and technology are seen as key forces in long-term color directions in key markets such as the office, health-care, retail, and hospitality/entertainment industries, the Color Marketing Group says in its latest Contract/Commercial Markets forecast.

CMG says the forecast, which predicts color trends expected to hold sway two years out, reflects a “fashion fusion” consisting of a “human connection to our various daily environments.” Colors also will represent a return to “elegance and sophistication by utilizing more luxurious components that are both subtle and complex in nature,” CMG says.

The organization issued its Contract Color Directions for 2003, a series of shades that includes various hues of gold, orange, red, purple, gray, green and blue-green, and olive. CMG said the influence of the fashion industry will be seen in the popularity of “warm, comfortable color combinations,” while technology will generate interest in metallic and special finishes such as pearlized, holographic, lacquered and “sueded” effects.

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