WAYNE, NJ - ISP announced that the Pest Management Regulatory Agency of Health Canada has approved the use of Fungitrol 940 dry film preservative for the protection of paints, coatings and adhesives products. Fungitrol 940 is a zero-VOC, odor-free, water-based dispersion broadly compatible with latex coatings and emulsions. Based on the active IPBC, Fungitrol 940 is a broad-spectrum fungicide offered as an alternative to solvent-based products. The highly concentrated (40 percent active) aqueous dispersion is designed to support the high performance and quality requirements of Canada’s product makers and at the same time contribute to sustainability and environmental goals.

According to Joseph Druga, North America Biocides, regulatory approval of Fungitrol 940 in Canada clears the way for use of dry film fungicides that compliment the high standards of major manufacturers focused on performance and sustainability. “The patented formulation containing no APE surfactants makes optimal use of IPBC in aqueous dispersion form, providing formulators better options for dry film protection while conforming to the need for pH-neutral, solvent-free fungicides - two elements associated with sustainability goals,” he said. “As a major supplier of IPBC-based fungicides, with a production facility in Leaside, Ontario, ISP is pleased to supply this and other Fungitrol products to manufacturers throughout Canada.”