PCI presents its annual Equipment Roundup, which showcases the latest mixing, milling, dispersing and filtration equipment for the coatings industry.


Bematek Systems Inc.

Bematek Systems Inc. offers made-in-America, in-line, high-shear, wet-size reduction and mixing equipment for continuous or batch processes. The model LZ-250 in-line mixer features its patent-pending multi-shear mixing head; this energy-efficient mixer head contains up to six shear zones consisting of a series of stators and high-speed turbines for total product control. This stainless-steel mixer also features its trademark Modular Construction Design; this user-friendly benefit allows rapid access to internal parts for quick cleaning and easy multi-shear mixer head conversion. Circle No. 160


Bolz-Summix, a global supplier of mixing equipment, has developed several types of mixers for aeration, dissolving, stirring, mixing, and blending for operational requirements of the coatings industry. Its designs include specialized side-entry mixers that can have the seals replaced while the tank is completely full of material. The company offers a full line of top-, bottom-, and side-entry mixers, along with other types of standard or custom-built mixers to meet the requirements of the coatings industry.

Circle No. 161

Bowers Process Equipment Inc.

Bowers Process Equipment Inc.'s new line of tank top mounted dispersers/mixers is designed for superior bearing life and easy maintenance. An optional hydraulic lift can cycle the rotor vertically to speed mixing and prevent excessive heat rise in the batch. Small- to maximum-capacity batches are processed with equal ease. Multiple rotors requiring increased horsepower are not needed. The rugged square lift column and "I"-beam tank mounting will provide years of trouble-free service. Circle No. 162

Buhler Inc.

Buhler Inc. has developed a new line of laboratory and small-scale production equipment. The line includes a twin-shaft mixer SHP-TS, available with 7.5- and 10-hp motor, the laboratory conical bead mill K-8 and the press-out DS-400 with can filling system. This machine line is the ideal choice for testing new product formulas and producing smaller batch sizes under reliable conditions with perfect quality. Circle No. 163

CB Mills

CB Mills introduces the Dyno-Mill MULTI-LAB pilot mill, which features exchangeable inner cylinders of hardened steel, stainless steel, ceramic, polyurethane, polyamide or Teflon. The mill is available with several cylinder cycles to meet a range of lab and limited-run applications. Weighing 210 lbs, the mill measures 12" L, 29" W and 23" H. Circle No. 164

Charles Ross & Son Co.

Charles Ross & Son Co. offers a new line of high-speed dispersers. The equipment is rugged in design and available in sizes from 1/2 hp to 200 hp, to handle batches as large as 2,000 gal. Built with wetted parts of type 304 stainless steel, the dispersers include air/oil hydraulic lift, explosion-proof inverter duty motors, and adjustable mix can lock mechanisms to permit use of different size mix vessels. A line of fixed-tank models of the dispersers is also available and supplied without hydraulic lift assembly. Circle No. 165

Chemineer Inc.

KenicsR KM Series static mixers from Chemineer Inc. feature a patented helical mixing element, which produces complete radial mixing and flow division for any combination of liquids, gases, or solids. Ranging in size from 1/8" to 48", the mixers are available in a variety of materials of construction including all commercial metals and alloys, FRP, PVC/CPVC, and PTFE. Circle No. 166

Conn and Co.

The Conn BladesR are the only blending/dispersion blades that provide true pumping action for complete material circulation. The ITT style is the most aggressive. The IT style provides the same superior pumping but is gentle enough for shear-sensitive material circulation. The ITC is a great material mover with moderate shear. Conn Blades attain results in a shorter time with less heat generated. Users may discover new equipment isn't needed - just the right blade. Circle No. 167

Corob North America

Corob North America has made available the Modula flexible and modular automatic dispenser, which meets the most demanding requirements in terms of performance and productivity. It features up to 32 circuits with a maximum of 16 external (MODULA TDF) and up to 32 internal canisters of different sizes. High-flow pumps (MODULA HF) with explosion-proof versions are available. The Modula is a highly flexible dispensing solution for large home centers, large paint stores, distribution centers and factories. Circle No. 168


DRAISWERKE Inc. offers the new CosmoR 2, a bench-top dispersion mill for developing the highest transparency in trans-oxide dispersions for top quality coatings. The small volume mill (150 ml) is designed for maximum dispersing of small samples in minutes through high flow recirculation. The mill is suitable to run media sizes less than 0.2 mm and results are 100% scalable to production sized equipment. This model is operator friendly and designed for easy cleanability. Circle No. 169

Fluid Management

Fluid Management presents its new Accutinter 4300, 4500, and 4700 Ink Dispensing Systems, which provide an advantage for the medium to large ink or coatings manufacturer by combining high speed dispensing with easy-to-use graphical software. The 4300 has 14 internal canisters in a compact design created for the small industrial dispensing system. The 4500 can provide up to 16 channels with both internal canisters and external 35 gallon tanks created for medium applications. Circle No. 170


HOCKMEYER offers a CMX-100 tank washer, which is available fully automated to wash round, square and rectangular-shaped portable containers including mixing vessels and totes. A rotating brush and spray nozzle assembly provides the mechanical scrubbing and soaking action necessary for cleaning. This closed loop system offers a safe, cost effective method for handling non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals while controlling VOC emissions. Circle No. 171


INDCO Inc. offers a range of high-speed dispersers for use with processing drums and tote-sized vessels of coatings. The units range from 5 to 20 hp and come with either mechanical or electrical variable speed controls. All units come complete with disperser blade, shaft, container holder and a pneumatic lift that raises and lowers the unit. TEFC and explosion-proof models are available. A selection of disperser blade types and sizes are available. Circle No. 172

Jaygo Inc.

Jaygo Inc. offers DRAGONITER solid glass beads in sizes ranging from 1-20 micron to 25 mm. The beads are either leaded glass or lead-free glass, and are above industry standards. They have good chemical resistance, are easy to clean and do not sliver, break, fuse, or corrode. The beads can be used where fast mixing, contaminant-free production is required, including high-speed mills for dyes, pigments, paint, ink and magnetic coatings. Circle No. 173

JBW Systems Inc.

JBW Systems Inc. manufactures the patented, industrial JBW Mixing System for drums and totes. This mixer has a top designed to help reduce fugitive emissions and acts as a fire retardant. The impeller is designed for low shear and to reduce air entrapment. The mixer is exceptional for inter-mix systems as well as other mixing needs such as to mix paint, chemicals, inks, adhesives, and wastewater treatment. Circle No. 174


Jongia's newly developed counter-rotating mixer for high-viscosity mixing applications, and general mixing applications, features its patented concentric mechanical sealing system, to ensure the proper sealing of both the inner and outer dual shafts. Both the inner and outer shaft mixing elements can be operated fully independent of each other and can be run in the same or opposite directions to achieve the maximum mixing requirement. The outer (anchor) mixing element can also be fitted with scraper blades if required. Circle No. 175

Kady International

Kady International's continuous flow mills offer continuous inline high-speed dispersion and superior emulsions, guaranteeing that the entire batch will pass through the close-clearance rotor stator dispersion head in a continuous process. Throughput rates for the equipment are 3-500 gpm, and rotor tip rates are 9,000 fpm. Circle No. 176


division of MFIC

Microfluidics Div. of MFIC Corp. offers a line of industrial MicrofluidizerR material processors for deagglomeration and dispersion of uniform submicron particles, and creation of stable emulsions. The M100L features a full-sized, plant-floor, high-pressure mixer/homogenizer/size reducer with up to 18,000 psi pressure in continuous, batch or recirculating operation. It weighs 58 lbs., stands 26 inches tall and can be put through autoclave without disassembly. The unit runs off lower-pressure laboratory air supplies. Circle No. 177


division of MFIC Corp.

The patented Morehouse-COWLES ZingerT horizontal mill is considered the first major breakthrough in horizontal mill grinding and dispersion technology in 50 years. Its proprietary mechanical design and technology produces smaller particles with significantly higher efficiency than conventional horizontal mills. The patented rotor and internal chamber design uses radial rotor vanes to accelerate media and products instead of conventional disc-shaped rotors. These rotors draw the media/product mixture to the chamber center, then propel it outward to the chamber divertors. Circle No. 178


The new Netzsch NKM 20 agitator bead mill is now being manufactured exclusively for the production of offset ink. This mill follows the proven principles of one of Netzsch-Feinmahltechnik's most successful designs, the John Mill. This mill offers a distinct advantage with UV cure inks because of its precise temperature control. The NKM mill's first tests with UV and sheet fed inks went extremely well, convincing designers at Netzsch of the mill's grinding efficiency. Circle No. 179


The Norstone polymer impeller is the answer to the negative issues that are inherent in metal blades when dispersing certain types of paints and slurries. It is constructed from polyurethane for non-explosion proof applications, such as water and oil based products or anti-static ultra high molecular weight polyethylene for explosion proof applications, such as alkyd and lacquer products. Circle No. 180

Premier Mill

The Premier PSM submersible mill is an extremely versatile dispersion system. Offering the highest degree of efficiency and dependability, the mill is specifically engineered to allow mixing and grinding or fine dispersion simultaneously in a single tank. The mill can be used in a range of processing industries, including coatings, inks and chemicals. From dry pigment addition to dispersion to let-down, all can be fully accomplished without tank or blade changes, time consuming clean-ups and operator interaction. Circle No. 181


ROTEXR screeners provide particle size separations down to 44 microns. Their gyratory screening motion and near horizontal screen surface provide accurate particle separation and high capacity. The screeners are available with 1 to 5 screen surfaces producing anywhere from two to six separate particle grades. All-metal and general-purpose construction options are offered. Circle No. 182


Terlet's direct-drive agitators offer a unique design feature of no gearbox for direct mounting, and require no bearing inside of the vessel to ensure a truly hygienic execution. They also feature a rotating coupling for injection of additives under the liquid level through the tubular agitator shaft. These agitators are used for blending/mixing, homogenizing, heat transfer, dissolving, emulsifying, and dispersion. Other advantages include: easy installation, a range of shaft seals, and a range of mixing element designs. Circle No. 183

Union Process

Union Process introduces the new circulation QC-Mill for super fine grinding. The patented small media mill operates with centrifugal high circulation mode. The specially designed rotor of the mill creates strong centrifugal and shearing forces inside the mill. These forces combined with the fast circulation rate of the slurry result in efficient grinding with sharp particle size distribution. Additives may be added during operation for convenience. Since the mill uses a circulation process, a large batch can be made with minimal costs. Circle No. 184



CUNO Inc. announces the introduction of BetapureR disposable filter capsules. The capsule filters, available with removal ratings from 2 microns to 190 microns, are designed for critical, small volume filter applications and laboratory testing in the coatings, fine chemical, and micro-electronic markets. The filter construction uses long bi-component fibers composed of an inner polypropylene core and outer polyethylene sheath. The fiber matrix is thermally bonded during the manufacturing process resulting in a clean, rigid structure that provides consistent and reproducible filtration. Circle No. 185

Filter Specialists Inc.

Filter Specialists Inc. has developed a new filter bag seating tool. It is manufactured of lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminum and features a t-handle for no-slip grip and ease of use. Use of the tool ensures correct filter bag insertion and seating, allowing for maximum filtration effectiveness and bag life by eliminating bag bunching, shortening and unsupported bag fit onto basket bottom. The tool has dimensions of 5" width by 36 13/16" length for optimum fit with the company's vessels FSPN40/85, which use Size 1 and 2 filter bags. Circle No. 186


Filterite's newest product, the POLY-FINER XLD series filter cartridge, has a hybrid design that combines the best of pleated and depth filter technology into one. This extended life depth filter features proprietary Gel GuardT media for effective capture of deformable contaminant and particles in a pleated configuration. This lofty media forms thicker pleats than traditional pleated filters, giving the filter cartridge long on-stream life, high flow rates and low pressure drops. Circle No. 187

Filtration Systems

Filtration Systems' valved, individual filter housings allow liquid flow to be shut off at the unit, rather than at a distant source, saving time during media change-out. Two stainless steel ball valves, on the inlet and outlet of each vessel, function as shut-off valves, isolating the housing from the filtering process. Circle No. 188

MM Industries

The VORTI-SIV Division of MM Industries highlights its Airpel range of self-cleaning inline filtration equipment. Shown is the model 300LP-EX extra-capacity filter unit. This all-stainless-steel model is driven by an air or electric explosion-proof motor and drive, which allows the screen element to be effectively cleaned by two wiper blades. A spiral and screen stabilizer, externally positioned on the screens exterior surface, efficiently moves oversize debris toward the dump valve. Circle No. 189

RPA Process Technologies

RPA Process Technologies offers the DCF series mechanically cleaned filters, which are now available in a new twin actuator configuration and with an enhanced shaft seal. Together or individually, these features can be used in the most challenging filtration applications, including highly abrasive fluids, especially viscous liquids and fast-drying liquids. The filters remove suspended solids particles 15 microns and larger from coatings, adhesives and inks. They can be used at any liquid transfer point from raw materials receiving to filling operations. Circle No. 190

Russell Finex Inc.

Russell Finex Inc.'s Eco self-cleaning strainer can help users achieve consistent product quality, increased capacity and reduced maintenance costs. The strainer is available in on-line, in-line and horizontal varieties. Screens are available in wedgewire as well as the company's fine hole screen to 10 micron. A standard machine comes with spiral wiper, solids agitator, Q-tap for in-process quality checks, air or electric drive, and an automatic dump system. Circle No. 191