The new lab model LZ-150 multi-shear in-line mixer features the company's flexible Modular Construction Design; MDC(tm) is easily interchangeable from one to six shear zones providing total product flexibility in one mixing head and the ability to control shear rates and process time (residence time). The mixer provides a uniform homogenous distribution; it lacerates, dissolves, blends, disperses and emulsifies soluble and insoluble fluids, and is capable of generating droplet and particle size in the 1-3 micron range. Circle No. 100

The CyCone conical mixer incorporates the latest technologies in conical mixer/dryers. This unit features the most advanced technology for the drive unit. This design features low internal friction, high resistance against peak loads, strong and reliable construction, compact construction, and high resistance against wears. Other advantages include high mixing accuracy, variable filling, three-dimensional mixing zone, free hanging mixing screw, low energy consumption, ease of maintenance, and safety. Circle No. 101

Bowers Process Equipment Inc.
This company's new line of tank top mounted dispersers/mixers is designed for superior bearing life and easy maintenance. An optional hydraulic lift can cycle the rotor vertically to speed mixing and prevent excessive heat rise in the batch. Small- to maximum-capacity batches are processed with equal ease. Multiple rotors requiring increased horsepower are not needed. The rugged square lift column and "I"-beam tank mounting will provide years of trouble-free service. Circle No. 102

Buhler Inc.
This company has developed a new line of laboratory and small-scale production equipment. The line is completed with a twin-shaft mixer SHP-TS, available with 7.5- and 10-hp motor that is available with identical features of a real production-size mixer. These features include a high-speed disperser with a trifoil blade and scraper, stainless-steel execution, vacuum system and a jacketed tub for heating. Circle No. 103

CB Mills, Div. of Chicago Boiler Co.
This company offers the new model ECM Poly, a high-production 8-liter mill. The accelerator and screen design ensures its performance. Higher flow rates provide more passes, resulting in a finer grind and narrower particle size distribution of the final product. The equipment is easy to clean and requires little floor space. Circle No. 104

Charles Ross & Son Co.
A new line of high-speed dispersers is offered. The equipment is rugged in design and available in sizes from 1/2 hp to 200 hp, to handle batches as large as 2,000 gal. Built with wetted parts of type 304 stainless steel, the dispersers include air/oil hydraulic lift, explosion-proof inverter duty motors, and adjustable mix can lock mechanisms to permit use of different size mix vessels. A line of fixed-tank models of the dispersers is also available and supplied without hydraulic lift assembly. Circle No. 105

Chemineer Inc.
A new line of portable mixers, supplied in standard configurations enabling the company to guarantee a 48-hour delivery on all shipments, is now available. The XPress portable mixers are top-quality, high-performance units, fitted with industry standard, off-the-shelf, NEMA motors or Gearmotors. Additional product features include: direct or gear-reduced drives; modular components for application versatility; C-clamp or cup-plate mounting options; and a range of impeller selections. Circle No. 106

Conn and Co.
The Conn Blades(r) are the only blending/dispersion blades that provide true pumping action for complete material circulation. The ITT style is the most aggressive. The IT style provides the same superior pumping but is gentle enough for shear-sensitive material circulation. The ITC is a great material mover with moderate shear. Conn Blades attain results in a shorter time with less heat generated. Users may discover new equipment isn't needed - just the right blade. Circle No. 107

Corob North America
Modula is a flexible and modular automatic dispenser that can meet the most demanding requirements in terms of performance and productivity. Up to 32 circuits with a maximum of 16 external (MODULA TDF). Up to 32 internal canisters of different sizes. High flow pumps (MODULA HF) with explosion-proof versions available. The Modula is a highly flexible dispensing solution for large home centers, large paint stores, distribution centers and factories. Circle No. 108

Draiswerke Inc.
The Advantis(r) Perl Mill surpasses all leading milling technology by maximizing both available motor power per mill volume and product flow rate per mill volume. Superior cooling ability and unique media recirculation method make the Advantis unbeatable in the high-end coatings market. Circle No. 109

Glen Mills
The TURBULA Shaker-Mixer blends powders homogeneously by means of a 3-dimensional spiral motion. This uniform mixing occurs even with very large differences in density, concentration and particle size. Use of removable mixing containers minimizes handling and eliminates both clean-up and cross contamination. The TURBULA is available in sizes ranging from laboratory to production. Circle No. 110

Initially, the HSD immersion mill was thought to have a viscosity limitation typical of most other basket and horizontal mills. The availability of several style pumper blades extended viscosity ranges to about 50,000 centipoises. Now with the introduction of the HSD mill into the new Multiplex Testing System, the range limits have already surpassed 50,000 centipoises. This expansion to the company's immersion mill technology creates the opportunity for truly single step processing where it has never been available before. Circle No. 111

Indco Inc.
This company offers a range of heavy-duty pail mixers for the coatings industry. The model M-2000 is a turntable-style mixer that features a thorough rolling/scraping mixing action, an adjustable mixing angle up to about 15¿ and a removable mixing paddle for easy cleaning. This rugged design machine is easily adjustable to mix different size pails between 1-5 gal. Several motor options are available. Circle No. 112

Direct drive agitators from this company offer a unique design feature of no gearbox for direct mounting, and require no bearing inside of the vessel to ensure a truly hygienic execution. The other special design feature is a rotating coupling for injection of additives under the liquid level through the tubular agitator shaft. These agitators are used for blending/mixing, homogenizing, heat transfer, dissolving, emulsifying, and dispersion. Circle No. 113

Kady International
This versatile, compact, continuous flow mill has been engineered to easily upgrade current processing equipment. For a modest investment, and using only 8 square feet of the plant floor, this high-speed mill can double or triple current flowthrough in media mills. This powerful mill uses the recognized KADY close clearance rotor stator dispersion head in a continuous process to produce a homogenous product in less time. Circle No. 114

Microfluidics, division of MFIC Corp.
The MultiSlotted Interaction Chamber produces the highest shearing forces in the fluid processing industry. Guaranteed scale up from laboratory to production size, Microfluidizer high-shear fluid processors can be even more precise and less costly with the proprietary MultiSlotted Interaction Chamber from Microfluidics, a division of MFIC Corp. Using a formulaic scale-up matrix, Microfluidics adds multiple, fixed-geometry flow passages to the interaction chamber so larger volumes are subjected to the industry's highest shearing forces. Circle No. 115

Morehouse-COWLES, division of MFIC Corp.
Morehouse-COWLES(tm), a division of MFIC, is the largest single-source for grinding media. Most media is in-stock at or below factory-direct prices. This is the exclusive source for genuine COWLES disperser/dissolver blades, too. Circle No. 116

The Micros superfine mill from this company can obtain a sub-micron particle within a short time. It is capable of uniform dispersion of a slurry. The mill has a unique design when compared with existing media agitating or ball mills. Ceramic rings rotate on a spindle and crush the particles against the wall of the vessel. Since changes in viscosity do not affect the milling operation less dilution liquid is required and forces up to 200 G are generated. Circle No. 117

Netzsch Inc.
The Grinding and Dispersion division of this company offers a compact designed, easy to clean, totally enclosed basket mill. The Turbomill provides finer grinding for enhanced quality, and faster grinding for higher productivity. Its totally enclosed rotating basket prevents accidental discharge of grinding media into the batch. Circle No. 118

Premier Mill Corp.
This company introduces the QMAX Supermill, a high flow recirculation mill that contains a new grinding configuration unlike those in other conventional disc or peg type media mills. The mill uses a specific orientation of grinding components to create a multi-directional acceleration of grinding media. An aggressive and pulsating flow pattern of the product/media mix is achieved, resulting in an increase in the maximum shear level. Circle No. 119

Schold Machine Co.
From the company's line of tank-mounted dispersers and blenders are depicted a resin reactor and a holding/cooling tank. These heavy-duty units come complete with multi-blade wall scrapers in low speed, high speed or multi-shaft designs. The units are fully insulated with the latest materials and cladding if so desired for protection or aesthetics. Circle No. 120

This company offers custom process vessel capabilities and is ASME, U-Stamp and 3A certified in its production facility. It specializes in pressure processing vessels, mixing vessels, reactors, and tanks, especially for paint manufacturing. Circle No. 121

Union Process
This company introduces the new circulation QC-Mill for super fine grinding. The patented small media mill operates with unique centrifugal high circulation mode. The rotor creates strong centrifugal and shearing forces inside the mill. These forces combined with the fast circulation rate of the slurry result in excellent and efficient grinding with sharp particle size distribution. Circle No. 122