This year's equipment to watch

Bematek Systems, Inc.

The new Bematek Lab Model LZ-150 multi-shear in-line mixer features our exclusive, flexible, Modular Design Construction (MDC™). MDC allows easy interchange from one to 12 shear zones for total product flexibility in one, simple, multi-shear mixer head, and the ability to control shear rates and process time (residence time). Bematek's laboratory in-line mixer provides a uniform, homogenous distribution; it lacerates, dissolves, blends, disperses and emulsifies all types of liquid products, from pharmaceutical pill coatings to paints and coatings. Call 978/927.2179 or e-mail


The Cycone blender is a vertical, conical screw blender that easily handles all types of powders, including detergents, foods, chemicals, resins, rock products, plastics and pharmaceuticals, giving very quick and precise mixing of batches. The rotating screw does not have a bottom bearing support, thereby eliminating any dead spots or difficult areas to clean, and allowing for full bore open discharging of the product. Rotating with the mixing screw is a spray nozzle, which allows the user to inject liquid or gas ingredients into the batch. The Cycone powder blender can also be manufactured with or without a cooling/heating jacket, and can be built as a dryer in atmospheric or vacuum operation. The product outlet is through the bottom via various discharge outlet designs for fast and complete discharging. Call 856/317.9960 or visit

Bowers Process Equipment, Div. of SteelCraft Industries Ltd.

Bowers is a fully integrated designer and manufacturer of process equipment and systems, high-speed dispersers, agitators, and jacketed mixing vessels, providing mixing solutions for both light and heavy-body materials. Their concentric shaft and multi-shaft designs and in-place cleaning systems improve end-user productivity, quality and reliability. New sealing technologies contain hazardous vapors during loading and all stages of the mixing and washing process. Visit us at

Buhler Inc.

This company is a global leader in the supply of processing plants and equipment to the printing inks, coatings, cosmetics and the specialty chemicals industries. The acquisition of DRAIS-DM, Germany, in June 2003, further strengthens the company's ability to supply state-of-the-art grinding and dispersion equipment to our markets. Both companies have developed lab mills that enable reliable testing and scale-up to our full-scale machines. Like the K-Series production equipment they support, the K-8 laboratory bead mill with conical grind chamber is ideally suited for testing medium- to high-viscosity materials. For low- to medium-viscosity products DRAIS-DM has developed the COSMO-5 lab mill. This mill can be used to simulate full-scale production of the SuperFlow, Advantis or Cosmo mills. These mills are the ideal choice for testing new product formulas and producing smaller batch sizes under reliable conditions. Call 763/847.0377 or e-mail

CB Mills

Announcing more versatility, CB Mills and WAB announce that DYNO-Mill's acclaimed ECM accelerators are available for use in the MULTI LAB with a 0.6-liter grinding chamber. The accelerators are available in hardened chrome alloy or ceramic and build up on the standard mill shaft. They transform the MULTI LAB into a high-energy density laboratory mill, and expand the ECM line from laboratory through production sizes. Still available; 0.3-, 0.6- and 1.4-liter KD grinding chambers. Call 800/522.7343 or e-mail

Charles Ross & Son Co.

A new line of high-speed dispersers is offered. The equipment is rugged in design and available in sizes from 1/2 hp to 200 hp to handle batches as large as 2000 gal. Built with wetted parts of type 304 stainless steel, the dispersers include air/oil hydraulic lift, explosion-proof inverter-duty motors and adjustable mix can lock mechanisms to permit use of different-size mix vessels. A line of fixed-tank models of the dispersers is also available and supplied without hydraulic lift assembly. For more information, call 800/243.ROSS or visit

Chemineer, Inc., a unit of Robbins & Myers, Inc.

This company offers its high-performance DT top-entering mixers. Modular designs ensure that each DT is easily adaptable to customers' applications. DT mixers are fitted with industry-standard NEMA motors, gearmotors and commercially available seals. Additional features include: direct or gear-reduced drives; optional right-angle drives; open- and sealed-tank models; a wide range of impellers, 1/4 to 5 hp; various shaft lengths and diameters; and flanged or chuck shaft couplings. Call 937/454.3200 or e-mail

Conn and Co.

The Conn Blades® are the only blending/dispersion blades that provide true pumping action for complete material circulation. The ITT style is the most aggressive. The IT style provides the same superior pumping but is gentle enough for shear-sensitive material circulation. The ITC is a great material mover with moderate shear. Conn Blades attain results in a shorter time with less heat generated. Users may discover new equipment isn't needed - just the right blade. For more information, call 814/723.7980 or visit

CPS Color Equipment, Inc.

Modula is a flexible and modular automatic dispenser that meets the most demanding requirements in terms of performance and productivity. Up to 32 circuits, with a maximum of 16 external (MODULA TDF), and up to 32 internal canisters of different sizes. High-flow pumps (MODULA HF) with explosion-proof versions are available. The Modula is a highly flexible dispensing solution for large home centers, large paint stores, distribution centers and factories. Call 704/588.8408 or visit

Draiswerke, Inc.

No development lab should be without the MegaVantis® V-3 bench-top media mill from DRAIS. This low-cost, highly versatile mill is the answer to all processing problems experienced with existing lab mills. Accurate scale-up, heat removal and reliable data are no longer foreign terms for milling and dispersing development. Particularly for pigmented dispersions, the DRAIS MegaVantis® V-3 has proven to mill down to less than 100 nm in a fraction of the time required by other lab mills. Batch sizes can range from 1 pint to 5 gallons, handling the widest viscosity range than any other mill. Call 201/847.0600 or visit

Eiger Machinery

This company's Alpha production horizontal bead mill series is available with new high-speed PLC operator controls and process monitoring hardware. Operator controls, monitoring of process variables, data collection, process trending and safety monitoring are all integrated together to provide more process control and batch repeatability. Some functions monitored are temperature, pressure, product flow and power consumption. This economical system can be added to new and existing equipment. Call 847/548.0044 or e-mail

EXAKT Technologies, Inc.

Perfect for small production runs and the research/product-development laboratory, the EXAKT 80S simultaneously achieves dispersion, homogeneity and uniform particle fineness in products such as highly viscous pastes, thick films, adhesives, inks and metal pastes. A wide variety of options are available, including ceramic rollers and scraper blades to eliminate metal contamination in the product, and a tensioning system that maintains a constant gap between rollers during processing. Freestanding and other countertop styles are also available. Call 800/866.7172 or visit

Filter Specialists, Inc.

The FerrX 5000 is a magnetic separation device that removes significant amounts of ferrous materials from the effluents used to clean and rinse the surface of welded body units prior to paint application. FerrX 5000 traps and suspends ferrous particles by positioning powerful, rare earth magnets in the effluent stream. These materials are purged automatically when the unit performs its self-cleaning function. No disassembly or daily maintenance is required. Call 816/454.9409 or visit

Filtration Systems, Div. Of Mechanical Mfg. Corp.

Filtration Systems' vessels and filter media are widely used throughout the world for liquid clarification and high-purity liquid filtering applications. We control the manufacture of our raw material components used in the fabrication of our products. Our vessels and filter media are specifically designed to work together as a system, maximizing efficiency and results. Investment cast components, machined-to-precision tolerances, produce a superior vessel, allowing our high-performance filter bags to work in perfect harmony with our Over-The-Top® design filter housings. Filtration Systems' Accufit® and Ultrafit® welded filter bags are manufactured with ultrasonically welded seams and absolute sealing collars, providing consistent, reliable filtration and optimum particle retention, as fine as .2 micron absolute. Call 954/572.2700 or visit

Glen Mills

The new three-dimensional dyna®-MIX rotates the material on three axes, reducing mixing times and resulting in a superior blend. It can handle any size or shape of container, and its fully programmable operation allows each product blend to be customized. Mixing in existing containers ensures no cross-contamination of product and no clean-up time. The dyna-MIX, available from 50 l to 1200 l, has proven itself in several industries including powder coatings, plastics, batteries, ceramics and more. Visit our website at www.

HOCKMEYER Equipment Corp.

The newly re-designed Micro Mill is built on a bench-mounting stand of solid construction with a stainless-steel column and counterweight for easy lifting and lowering. The unit comes complete with HSD immersion mill head, an interchangeable high-speed disperser shaft and blade assembly, and one process vessel. An optional rotor stator and larger process vessel are also available. The unit can be used for making samples, and the results can be scaled up for production machinery. Call 252/338.4705 or e-mail sales@hock

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems

This company presents the Mikro-ACM 2 EC (Easy-Clean) compact system, which offers a compact design for laboratory use and pilot-scale production. The ACM and ancillaries are designed for ease of access and cleaning to facilitate quick turnaround time between batches. System parameters can be used for scale-up to other, larger Mikro-ACM sizes. Additional features include an inlet air conditioning system, low-noise operation [< 85 dB(A)] and a PSR option to 10 barg overpressure. E-mail


The INDCO Economy Direct Drive Clamp-Mount Mixer for 55-gallon drums is ideal for small-volume processing of chemicals, paints, inks, adhesives and more. These user-friendly mixers have an adjustable clamp-mount that permits easy mounting on open drums, a 316 stainless-steel shaft and one or two three-bladed propellers. Air motors, single-speed electric motors and variable-speed electric motors are available to ensure proper horsepower is available for every job. Call INDCO at 800/942.4383.

Inline Services

This company's Product Recovery Systems increase your production efficiency and reduce effluent treatment costs. Fully automated and/or manual systems are available. For maximum product displacement from your piping system, multiple product batches with no cross contamination and clean-in-place recovery systems. Call 888/973.0079, e-mail sales@inlineplc. com or visit

JBW Systems, Inc.

In addition to the best possible mixing today with the JBW Drum and Tote Mixers, the company now manufactures the JBW Stationary Lift System. This new system is equipped with a safety shut-off switch and can be configured to the customer's specifications. The standard JBW Lift includes the JBW Drum Mixer, a 1/2" double diaphragm pump and control equipment. All are attached to the floor-mounted air cylinder. E-mail


This company's newly developed counter-rotating mixer features our patented concentric mechanical sealing system to ensure the proper sealing of both the inner and outer dual shafts. Both the inner and outer shaft mixing elements can be operated fully independent of each other and can be run in the same or opposite directions to achieve the most flexible mixing options and heat-transfer requirements. The outer (anchor) mixing element can also be fitted with scraper blades if required, and the inner mixing elements can be of various and multiple designs. The CRM mixer can be delivered to work on pressure/vacuum operations, and can handle a full range of material viscosities to include liquid/liquid or liquid/powder applications. The CRM mixer can also be built to fit an existing vessel, or we can also supply the complete mixer/vessel with heating/cooling jacket or other required design. Call 856/317.9960 or visit www.mpegroup

Kady International

The Kady Continuous Flow Mill adds a clear advantage to your company's production line. Without the cost of a major equipment overhaul, the power of Kady can maximize existing equipment on your line. The Kady Continuous Flow Mill uses only 8 square feet of production floor and utilizes the kinetic dispersion concept, assuring enhanced tank flow and batch uniformity. Call 207/883.4141 to arrange a free test drive at your plant, or visit

Kemutec Group Inc.

Kek's highly efficient sifters have been used for powder paints since 1960. Company highlights include:
  • 1983 - Minisifter was introduced, specifically for the powder paint re-cycle.
  • 1998 - Cantilever Minisifter, easier to clean and maintain than any unit, before or since.
  • 2003 - Unique cantilever design allows the first ever "Insertable Sifter" that can actually be located in the paint hopper, providing major savings, convenience and bringing economic re-cycle to even the most modest powder coater.
Call 215/788.8013 or e-mail sales@

MM Industries Inc., VORTI-SIV Div.

This company offers the VORTI-SIV® totally enclosed model RBF-2 Inline Gyratory Strainer/Filter with inline camlock tower. This VOC-free unit utilizes an explosion-proof or pneumatic drive to achieve 3300-RPM gyration of the screen element. The portable, high-speed RBF-2 uses only three product contact parts for easy clean-up or product changeover. Standard options include a variable-frequency drive, level controls, and an outlet adaptable to various valves and disconnect systems. Screen elements available in stainless steel, nylon or wedge-wire as fine as 5 micron. Call 800/227.7487.

Morehouse-COWLES™, Div. of MFIC Corp.

New inverter technology is creating a stir in the dissolver industry. Morehouse-COWLES™, a world leader in designing and manufacturing variable-speed dissolvers, has been using and perfecting this "new" technology in the field for 15 years with its V-Series single-shaft dissolvers. As other dissolver manufacturers work out technical design issues, Morehouse-COWLES™ offers a line of proven V-Series dissolvers for mixing liquid-to-liquid or dry-to-liquid batches, from 1 quart to 7,000 gallons. Easier to control than standard mechanical drive dissolvers, operators can adjust the V-Series impeller speed to the product viscosity as easily as adjusting the sound on a radio. Or they can connect the V-Series to a PC for automatic speed control and data collection. The V-Series dissolvers also use less energy and require less maintenance than standard mechanical drives and accessories. Call 800/370.5452 or visit


To meet the needs of the fast-growing, metal-free grinding product-development markets, the Grinding and Dispersion Division of NETZSCH Inc. expands its proven MiniZETA® laboratory-sized equipment line to include two new non-metal versions, the MiniCer and MiniPur. Engineered to function using the proven NETZSCH ZETA® grinding system, the MiniCer is manufactured with Zircon Oxide wetted components, the MiniPur with polyurethane wetted components. Both machines are simple to operate, compact in design and feature an adjustable position chamber for fast, easy cleaning and product changes. The MiniCer and MiniPur are capable of handling batch sizes down to 250 mL with a chamber volume of 150 mL. The units are optimized for circulation or discrete pass milling and can effectively produce nano particles using the NETZSCH patented Dynamic Cartridge System. Results can be scaled up to production-sized ZETA® Mills. Call 610/363.8010 or e-mail

Norstone Inc.

Norstone Impellers were developed as the answer to the industries' need for a safer (non-razor edge), more-resilient dispersing impeller for use with coatings and inks. This blade outlasts metal blades 10-20 times. Norstone/U, an abrasion-resistant urethane impeller, is recommended for water-based systems, whereas Norstone/UHAS is an anti-static polyethylene for use with water- or solvent-based systems. Other materials are available. Tests have proven that Norblade outperforms the metal blades due to its greater axial flow, yet retains its radial intensity. Take advantage of our free trial. Call 215/635.1366 or e-mail

Premier Mill, A Unit of SPX Process Equipment

This company offers the QM-1 high-flow recirculation system with navigator process controller. The complete QM-1 processing system includes Premier's QM-1 QMAX Supermill, which contains a new grinding configuration, unlike those in other conventional disc- or peg-type media mills. The system also includes a 12-liter, jacketed, stainless-steel recirculation tank and LIGHTNIN air-powered agitator for uniform mixing of batch during recirculation milling. In addition, the navigator process controller automatically controls process equipment based on set product temperatures and motor percent loads. Call 610/779.9500 or visit

Red Devil Equipment Co.

This company offers the most durable multi-size mixer on the market. Its new 5990 accepts container sizes from a pint to a 5-gallon bucket, and a variety of shapes as well. Featuring heavy-duty components and the revolutionary Dual-Zone™ clamping system, the 5990 joins a full line of durable mixers and tint dispensers. Their quality has been proven in applications beyond the paint industry, and the equipment can be found working hard at industrial, laboratory and marine sites. E-mail

Reynolds Industries

The Reynolds High-Speed Disperser is a versatile and highly productive mixer. This piece of equipment is available in a wide range of drive types including single-speed electric, variable-belt electric, variable-hydraulic and electric inverter. The mixer can be flanged, bridged or pedestal-mounted with an air-over-oil lift. Carbon, stainless or other alloy steels available on wetted parts. Visit

Rosedale Products, Inc.

This company offers its new Automatic Water Reclamation System (AWRS) filtration system. The AWRS is a self-contained, self-cleaning filtration system that removes solids, organics, biologicals, odors and hydrocarbons. The water-reuse system includes an activated carbon filter, a solids-liquid separator, automatic backwashing filter, ozone generator and oxygen concentrator, all controlled by a panel-mounted PLC. The compact design has a small footprint, making this ideal for use in just about any size operation. Features include: low pressure drops; heavy-duty construction; three system sizes, 50 gpm, 100 gpm, 150 gpm; centrifugal solids/liquid separator; and an oxygen concentrator/ozone generator. Call 734/665.8201 or visit

Russell Finex

The award-winning Russell Horizontal Self-Cleaning Filter maximizes your productivity and improves your paint and coating quality by removing oversize contamination. The totally enclosed filter protects operators from harmful solvent fumes and products, enabling many paint and liquid coating manufacturers to replace their messy bag filters to an efficient, self-cleaning filter with no bags to replace. High-throughput capacities from a few hundred gallons per hour up to rates in excess of 26,000 gallons per hour can be achieved, even at filtration levels down to 10 micron. Call 704/588.9808 or e-mail

Sonic Corp.

Sonic offers prop mixers, colloid mills, rotor-stator in-line mixers, continuous blending systems and our patented Sonolator™ systems to meet a range of mixing and homogenizing needs. The Sonolator systems are unique and offer continuous, in-line processing of difficult emulsions and dispersions. Sonolator systems offer multiple-feed processing where water doesn't need to be tanked and heated. Production systems are directly scalable from benchtop and pilot Sonolator units. Visit our website at, or call 203/375.0063.


This world leader in particle-separation and size-reduction solutions produces a broad line of separation and screening equipment that includes round and rectangular separators, grinding and finishing mills, centrifuges, and aftermarket parts and screens. Additionally, Sweco provides separation and grinding test analysis to determine process feasibility through its state-of-the-art lab facilities. Responsive Sweco product service is delivered from over 100 offices around the world. Call 859/727.5116 or e-mail


This company's direct drive agitators offer unique design features of no gearbox for direct mounting, and require no bearing inside of the vessel to ensure a truly hygienic and sanitary mixing process. The agitators are available with 1/2- to 20-horsepower motors. These agitators are used for blending/mixing, homogenizing, heat transfer, dissolving, emulsifying and dispersion. Other advantages of our unique design include no oil leakage into the product; unsupported shaft lengths up to 30'; easy to install; wide range of shaft seals, from simple self-clamping dust cap to the most sophisticated mechanical seals; wide range of mixing element designs; and virtually no maintenance. This is truly install-and-forget operation of the equipment. Call 856/317.9960 or e-mail

Union Process

Inventors of Attritor technology offer the circulation QC-Mill for super-fine grinding. The patented small media mill operates with unique centrifugal high-circulation mode and provides efficient grinding with sharp particle size distribution. It is available in six different models for batches ranging from 1 gallon to 400 gallons. Visit or call 330/929.3333.