container roundup for June 2002

B.A.G. Corp.'s Clean Seal(r) MaxSack(tm) container stops product contamination due to poorly made interior baffles of a bulk bag. The MaxSack's interior baffles have a smooth, clean, clear edge after cutting, rather than the frayed, loose threads found with hot knife-cutting methods. The container with Clean Seal baffles is ideal for products that have low bulk densities and require ultra-clean packaging, such as TiO2 and other mineral pigments. Circle No. 135

Clawson Container Co. offers its Passport IBC with a choice of pallet designs: plastic, steel or wood. Designed for maximum strength, the IBC can be safely stacked three-high, containing products with a specific gravity of 1.9. Its standard 40"x48" base dimensions enable it to be stacked with almost any commercial container type and handling system. Its open-faced design allows four-way forklift access. Circle No. 136

Longview Fibre Co. offers Liquiplex(r) and Drumplex(r) one-way bulk containers. These allow non-hazardous liquid shippers to dependably deliver products to their customers in easy-to-dispose corrugated paper packaging. Liquiplex tote-sized corrugated paperboard containers made in both octagonal and cubical styles are capable of handling up to 4,000 lbs gross weight. The containers are fitted with special multiple ply polyethylene bag liners equipped with a bottom drain fitment. Circle No. 137

Paper Systems introduces Exotainer, the reusable steel and plastic, liquid bulk container for waterborne paints or non-hazardous coatings. The container has a 75% reduction in components compared to bottle in a cage systems. The liner system completely eliminates clean out costs, venting, or skinning issues associated with bottle in a cage systems. Circle No. 138

Precision IBC Inc. will market its product lines under the name ECOgard Packaging Solutions umbrella. Acting on customers' concerns for safety and ecological protection, the company's stainless steel units will now be known as ECOsafe Shipping Systems, its poly caged tanks will be sold under ECOstor, and ECOmix depending on their primary use. Circle No. 139

Research Plastic Inc. offers the Self Burping Tube. The standard plastic caulking tube was improved by adding a simple rib system allowing air to escape when inserting the plunger. The ribs create just enough of a gap between the side wall of the tube and the side wall of the plunger to allow any trapped air to escape. This improved feature results in increased filling line speeds. Circle No. 140

Russell-Stanley's heavy-duty construction 15-gal (60 L) Delex HD tight head shipping container is perfect for multiple trip applications. Designed for durability and high-stacking, the HDPE drum has dual drop handles, is fitted with standard dual 2-inch buttress closures to maximize container life and minimize cross-threading, and engineered for optimal drainability. It is environmentally friendly and ideal for customers looking to maximize container life and drive down costs per trip. Circle No. 141

SpaceKraft's U.N.-certified UltraCUBE(tm) 275-gal totes can be used to ship Group II and Group III hazardous liquids. With a new 48"x40" pallet size, these six-ply corrugated totes can be interstacked with other IBCs for optimum use of existing storage racks, tank stands and conveyor lines. In addition, this is an ISO-dimensional package for effective side-by-side loading in trucks or overseas containers. The totes contain no wood or metal parts and are completely recyclable, biodegradable and waste-to-energy efficient. Circle No. 142

Tech Packaging Machinery Co. offers the TECH PAK Series DX Bulk Bagging System, designed as a direct replacement for those producers of dry bulk solids now using drums or other rigid type containers for packaging or storage. The DX Series bag is available in 12 standard sizes ranging from 2.5 to 14.0 cubic feet and can be lined with a variety of poly and barrier type liners. A variety of fill and discharge spout options are available. Circle No. 143