The industry's latest offerings

B.A.G. Corp. offers the Pactainer ED[R] MaxSack[TM] container, a groundable, internally baffled flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) with a spread strap lift-loop design. Handling pigments and additives can produce electrostatic discharges, a root cause of explosions. The conductive Pactainer ED container is grounded during use and offers reliable protection against the risk of fabric surface electrostatic discharge. It is constructed of fabric containing special threads to route static charges to groundable black tabs. For more information, contact Julie Janicke, phone 214/340.7060 or 800/331.9200; or e-mail

BASCO offers a variety of 4G Packaging Systems for containers including cans, bottles and pails. These systems are certified to meet UN requirements. They consist of a heavy-duty corrugated carton, inner foam pads and overseals, and an inner container. They're designed, tested and certified to meet/exceed international standards for transporting certain hazardous materials. For more information, phone 800-776-3786 or e-mail

CDF Corp.'s new Agitator Drum Liners can eliminate the high cost of specialty drums by instantly converting a standard 55-gal open-head steel drum into an agitator drum. This patented liner is made from LDPE or anti-static plastic and has the agitator pin built directly into the material. The drum liners help keep drums clean and protect your product. Drum lids and custom designs are also available. For more information, phone 800/443.1920 or visit

Clawson Container's Passport IBC is designed for maximum strength with options for steel, wood or plastic pallets, and 275- or 330-gal sizes. The 40"x48" base dimensions allow stacking three-high for products with 1.9 sg. Compatible with virtually all container types and handling systems, the IBC features four-way forklift access and is labeled UN31HA1 for transport of Class II and III hazardous materials. For more information, phone 800/325.8700 or fax 248/625.3066.

Cleveland Steel Container Corp. is a leading manufacturer of steel pails. We offer a variety of sizes from 2.5-7.5 gal in three styles: open-head nested, straight sided and tighthead. The company recently introduced the UNiPak System, a steel pail designed to ship two separate products in one UN-approved pail. It is an ideal packaging choice for two-part coatings and other products in which a catalyst must be segregated from the base product until mixing prior to application. For more information, contact Sue Bush, phone 330/405.3000 or fax 330/405.3220.

Hoover Materials Handling Group, Inc.'s products include the All-Poly Reusable (APR[R]), Liquitote[R] IBC, TC 275M IBC and the iTRAM[TM] container and asset tracking system.

The APR is assembled of a roto-molded HDPE bottle secured to a PE pallet. The durable, rotationally molded, all-polyethylene design is lightweight, reusable and corrosion resistant. The APR is engineered to store liquids up to 1.9 specific gravity.

Liquitote IBCs are available with either 10-gauge stainless- or carbon-steel construction and feature a patented, one-piece sloped bottom for easy and complete drainage. The containers are UN marked and include a four-year warranty. Standard capacities are 350- and 550-gallon, with custom sizes also available.

The TC 275M is a new composite IBC that features a blow-molded bottle enclosed in a rugged, tubular steel cage (TC). It is available in three pallet types: economical wood, high-performance plastic or durable metal. The TC 275M is reusable and stacks with other IBC designs.

iTRAM[TM] (internet Tracking Resource and Asset Management) is a web-based service for fast, easy, and accurate container and asset tracking. It utilizes standard bar-code or radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to track and recover any returnable asset throughout the entire distribution chain.

The KW Can[R] is the result of years of research and testing. Its advanced polypropylene body outperforms metal and other plastic containers. The can resists dents and rust with superior compression strength, seal and reseal ability. For more information, phone 888/279.9994.

Longview Fibre Co. offers Liquiplex[R] and Drumplex[R] one-way bulk containers, which allow shippers to deliver liquid products to customers in easy-to-dispose or recycle corrugated paper packaging. Liquiplex tote-sized corrugated paperboard containers made in both octagonal and cubical styles are capable of handling up to 4,000 lbs gross weight. The containers are fitted with clean, multiple ply polyethylene bag liners that can be equipped with a bottom drain fitment. For more information, contact Karl Blackstock, phone 770/951.2733.

Myers Container/CMS reconditions, remanufactures and sells UN and non-UN approved intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) in Georgia, Oregon and California. The company provides IBC collection, destruction and cleaning services. Daily inventories are provided along with our current specifications at the company's website. For more information, e-mail Kyle R. Stavig at or visit (sponsored by Hedwin Corp.) is your resource for all types of packaging, liner products, and container design for coatings products. The website features 21 of North America's leading packaging distributors who offer a range of packaging choices, regulatory and design expertise. The site is equipped with an easy-to-use "RFQ" section, which allows the visitor to submit a request for quote for any type of container or liner product in a virtually unlimited range of sizes. For more information, visit or

Paper Systems' newest product is the EZ-BULK 48x40 Series one-way, disposable, non-hazardous liquid bulk container, a patented container holding 275 gal fits on a 48 x 40 pallet. Non-hazardous chemicals also work well for domestic or international shipments. The container has a single-body construction eliminating multiple parts and simplifies assembly time by 50%. It is 40% lighter in tare weight than the competition, allowing more product to be shipped per load. For more information, phone 515/280.1111; fax 515/280.9219 or e-mail

Plastican's 5-gal pail is the top seller to the paint industry. Custom blending of HDPE resins results in superior performance of the pail. It offers single-stack compression of 4,500 lbs and double-stack compression of 3,600 lbs. Environmental stress crack resistance of the container is excellent. Multiple cover and fitting choices are available. For more information, phone 978/537.4911 or visit

Precision IBC Inc. will market its product lines under the name ECOgard Packaging Solutions umbrella. Acting on customers' concerns for safety and ecological protection, the company's stainless steel units will now be known as ECOsafe Shipping Systems. Its poly caged tanks will be sold under ECOstor. For more information, phone 800-544-7069 or 251/990.6789; fax 251/990.6787; or visit

Designed for high-speed filling production and profitability,

Research Plastic Inc. introduced the Self Burping Tube and recently received the 26th Annual Packaging Expo First Place Award Winner for Distinguished Achievement in Product Packaging at the National Hardware Show. For more information, phone 877/990.9917 or e-mail

For coatings manufacturers shipping bulk products in returnable steel tanks or bottles-in-cages, Scholle Custom Packaging has developed disposable Rhino[R] form-fit liners with a patented snap-in bottom discharge that stays secure during transit. The pre-folded liner installs in two minutes and eliminates the need to clean the tank or bottle after every use, reducing contamination from improper cleaning and protecting the tanks from rust or corrosion. For more information, contact Roberta J. Morris, phone 708/409.4423; fax 708/409.4473; or e-mail

The Scholle Container Division's Bag-in-box packaging systems are ideal for manufacturers of two-part epoxy coatings that contain both an epoxy base and hardener. Scholle supplies spouted one-gal plastic bags that replace steel cans for holding the Part A and Part B ingredients. These are packed into a corrugate box either with or without a pail. The end user slashes and pours the contents of both bags into the pail, mixes, and applies the coating. For more information, contact Roberta J. Morris, phone 708/409.4423; fax 708/409.4473; or e-mail

Semi-Bulk Systems Inc. offers Air-Pallet containers in 35-, 50-, 85- and 100-cubic-foot capacities for use in transporting powders. It is a returnable and reusable semi-bulk packaging system with customers receiving in excess of 100 round trips per container. Units are designed to handle products such as carbon black, silicas, glass beads, catalysts, resins, pigments and clays. Gross loading is 4,000 lbs per container, which will maximize product loading into trailers and reduce phantom freight charges. For more information, contact Semi-Bulk Systems Inc., 159 Cassens Court, Fenton, MO 63026.

Skolnik Industries Inc. From an idea came a logical solution. "Bolt rings on steel drums are hard to use. Closing a drum with a lever would be easier." The Quick-Lever Closure secures a drum in a few seconds, with no tools, calibrations, or torque requirements. Need repeated access to contents? The closure offers easy release and snap-shut. It can provide cost reductions in labor, increased productivity and eliminate DOT fines for violating closure instructions. For more information, phone 773/735.0700; fax 773/735.7257; e-mail; or visit

SpaceKraft[R] IBCs are manufactured under patented technology, which continuously winds six or more plies of corrugated into a seamless container. By eliminating the manufacturer's joint, the weakest part of a box, these IBCs provides extraordinary strength - up to 70,000 pounds of top-to-bottom compression strength for stacking up to six high for solids and four high for liquids. They are completely recyclable and are available for shipping both hazardous and nonhazardous products here and abroad. For more information, phone 800/599.8943.

Transcom International, Inc. offers LiquiSet: A unique bulk liquid packaging system. This corrugated IBC is compact, self-contained, and ships fully assembled. The construction of the special pallet enhances the overall strength of the container and ensures safe product transportation. The container is shipped with pre-installed liner tray. The pallet box is designed to prevent forklift damages, as well as securing the box inside a strong wooden frame. For more information, phone 800/227.8417; or visit

U.S. Can Co. offers a full compliment of steel, round paint containers for water- and oil-based architectural coatings and stains. Sizes range from 1/4 pint to 1 gal in size. Various linings are offered for improved performance. Quart and gallon sizes are manufactured with a four-point contact in the ring and plug that minimizes product seepage and rust. For more information, phone 630/678.8075; fax 630/678.8122; visit; or e-mail