WASHINGTON - The National Paint and Coatings Association (NPCA) announced that it is reintroducing its Raw Materials Index, which was discontinued in 1990, in response to the needs of coatings manufacturers. The NPCA said the index was used by chemists, formulators and purchasing agents for many years.

Now named the Raw Material Technical Data Report, the comprehensive database lists all raw materials used to manufacture coatings in a chart form, including all pertinent physical properties of each material. The raw materials are subdivided into the categories Intermediates, Solvents, Resins, Pigments, Oils and Additives. Users of the report can compare materials supplied by different companies when looking for replacements or alternate means of supply. The report is available only online, is searchable by any property, and is updated daily by individual suppliers. Only suppliers of raw materials to the coatings industry that are NPCA members can list their products in the report.

For information on participation in the report, NPCA members can contact Ken Zacharias at 202/462.6272, e-mail kzacharias@paint.org. Nonmembers can contact Joe Grimes at 202/462.6272, e-mail jgrimes@paint.org for membership information.