Seegott has acquired Cron Chemical and Magnolia Solvent.

STREETSBORO, OH — Seegott Inc. has acquired Cron Chemical Corp. and Magnolia Solvents Inc., both subsidiaries of Amalgamate Metals Corp. of the UK.

Cron, based in Houston and Dallas, and Magnolia, based in New Orleans, are regional distributors of specialty raw materials for coatings and other markets. Seegott said the acquisitions represent a significant expansion of its operations in the southern and southwestern United States. The company said it will relocate its existing Southwest regional office in Houston to Dallas, and will merge the operation with Cron’s Dallas and Houston offices. Warehouses will be retained in all areas. The Cron office in Dallas provides bulk-storage and repackaging service, and the Magnolia office in New Orleans provides blending and repackaging services.

Seegott Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Bob Sustar said the acquisitions reflect the company’s strategic plan to strengthen its operations in new regions in the West and Southwest. The company, headquartered in Streetsboro, OH, said it operates on a nationwide basis but retains a regional focus.