The 2006 International Automotive Weathering Technology Seminar in Guangzhou, China, enabled the exchange of weathering research information between Chinese and American automotive manufacturers and suppliers. This was the second cooperative weathering conference organized by Q-Lab Corporation, Cleveland, and SGS, internationally recognized authorities in laboratory weathering. The conference was sponsored by H.J. Unkel and supported by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

The event drew a number of OEMs and major automotive suppliers from all over China. Speakers from the Hainan Automotive Test and Research Institute (HATRI), SAE China, GE, DuPont, Baosteel and others described recent developments in automotive weathering. Topics ranged from weatherability in the development of automotive coatings to the evolution of automotive test methods.

Ronald Roberts, director of sales of Q-Lab Corporation, reviewed the evolution of automotive test methods, including the movement from hardware-based standards to performance-based standards. Patrick Brennan, senior vice president, Q-Lab, presented the Q-Sun BASF Acid Etch Test. Brennan discussed the excellent correlation between Florida outdoor tests and gave an overview of this joint research initiative and the resulting test method.

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