WASHINGTON - Nine individuals were also recognized with Industry Statesman Awards during NPCA's 2006 Annual Meeting in Nashville. The Industry Statesman Award is an honor given by NPCA to persons in recognition and appreciation of their long and devoted service to the paint and coatings industry.

The following are NPCA's 2006 Industry Statesman Award recipients:

  • Roy Bever, who sadly passed away in November, was a marketing executive and employee of Ashland Distribution for 43 years. Bever was a longtime member of NPCA's Management Information Committee. In 2000, he successfully lobbied the U.S. Treasury Department to totally exempt mineral spirits from its threatened excise tax. He repeated this achievement in 2005, when he effectively lobbied the House Ways and Means Committee and U.S. Senate to remove a proposed mineral spirits tax from the Highway and Energy Bill.

  • Peter Flood, former chairman and CEO of the Flood Company, served as a member of NPCA's board of directors and as chairman of NPCA's Architectural Coatings and Membership Committees. As a member, Flood took on various responsibilities for major NPCA programs, and most recently, was instrumental in the establishment and success of NPCA's AIM Coatings VOC Policy Subcommittee, conducting a comprehensive review of and preparing recommendations for NPCA's future policy for the architectural and industrial maintenance coatings sector.

  • Dana Johansen, who sadly passed away in November, was general manager of Specialty Chemical Sales, Inc. He served on the Architectural Coatings Committee, Industrial Coatings Committee and as vice chairman of the Industry Suppliers Committee. Johansen held technical and sales positions with Lawter International and Johnson Polymer before moving to Specialty Chemical Sales.

  • James Kassner, former vice president of business development for Bayer MaterialScience, has spent over 30 years in the coatings industry, beginning as a development chemist at Hilton Davis Chemical Company, where he was later director of chemical development. He served for eight years on NPCA's Industry Suppliers Committee to harness industry support for the technical community.

  • Malcolm "Mac" C. MacKinnon, who sadly passed away in July, was chairman of the board and former president of United Gilsonite Laboratories. He began his career in sales at Ingersoll-Rand, then T.J. Kauffeld, P.E., New York. MacKinnon served on NPCA's board of directors and several committees, including Budget and Finance; Caulks, Sealants and Adhesives; Membership; and Post-Consumer Paint Management. He was also a member and chairman of NPCA's Architectural Coatings Committee, as well as the Trade Sales Steering Committee.

  • W. Thomas Pettijohn II, retired partner and president of Wayne Pigment Corporation, spent the first 15 years in industry working for Titanium Pigment Corp. and NL Industries in various regional sales positions. Pettijohn was a member of NPCA's Industry Suppliers, Architectural Coatings and Industrial Coatings Committees for many years. He was also a member of the Chicago Paint and Coatings Association and Chicago Coatings Society from 1975-2006.

  • John Stauffer, former technical director of Rohm and Haas Company's Paint Quality Institute, worked for the company for 38 years before retiring in July. Stauffer was a member of NPCA's Management Information Committee from 1980-1990. He was also a member of NPCA's Paint Consumer Research Program from 1999-2006. He also served on the Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology's Publications and Joseph J. Mattiello Memorial Lecture Committees.

  • Thomas C. Sullivan, retired chairman and CEO of RPM, Inc., served as NPCA's chairman of the board. During his chairmanship, NPCA negotiated a milestone agreement on behalf of industry with state attorney generals establishing lead exposure warnings and education and training programs signed by 51 state AGs and counterparts in May 2003, which Sullivan supported. He also propelled the association into the tort-reform arena, making NPCA a persuasive proponent of asbestos litigation reform.

  • Kenneth Zacharias, NPCA's senior director of industry affairs and member services, has been with the association for 27 years, during which time he has served as staff liaison for the Marine Coatings, Membership, Industry Suppliers and Small Business Committees. Over the years, he coordinated the activities of the Fire Retardant Coatings, Packaging, Product Safety and Toxic Substances Committees.