PerkinElmer is hosting an online seminar series that will present and discuss application-specific solutions in materials characterization. The seminars are designed to be of interest to lab managers, lab directors, chemists and scientists by providing instruction in ways to optimize current or new applications.

Schedule of Materials Characterization Online Seminars:

Nov. 6, 2006 Introduction to Thermal Analysis for Materials Characterization

Nov. 8, 2006 Thermal Analysis of Biodegradable Materials - From Modulated Temperature DSC to HyperDSC™

Nov. 10, 2006 Characterization of Architectural and Safety Glass Using UV/Vis/NIR and FT-IR Spectroscopy

Nov. 17, 2006 Best Practices in UV/Vis/NIR Specular Reflectance Measurements on Optics and Optical Coatings

Nov. 21, 2006 Understanding Materials on the Microscale Using FT-IR Imaging Technology

Abstracts for the above seminars and additional information can be found by going to: or

To speak with a materials characterization specialist, call 800/762.4000, or for a list of local offices, visit