Mumbai, India/Philadelphia - Rohm and Haas Company inaugurated its second acrylic emulsions facility in India, located in the Sriperambudur industrial area of Tamil Nadu in South India. The Chennai facility is opening with the capacity to make 30,000-40,000 metric tons a year of specialty materials used in the manufacture of paint and coatings, adhesives, textiles, paper and leather. The plant, which cost $12 million to build, is a zero-discharge facility that meets very stringent environmental standards set by the state of Tamil Nadu. 

The company is also doubling the capacity of its 35,000-metric-ton facility in Taloja, which is located near Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. The combined capacity of Taloja and Chennai makes Rohm and Haas one of India’s largest and fastest-growing producers of environmentally advanced emulsions and additives for coatings and other water-based polymer industries.