PHILADELPHIA - Rohm and Haas Co. announced the start of construction of a manufacturing facility in Mumbai, India, to produce emulsion polymers and adhesives. The $20-million plant will supply the domestic market and serve export needs elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific region and is expected to begin operation early next year, the company said.

Rohm and Haas has operated a wholly owned subsidiary in India for more than five years, and has generated increasing sales in the area, the company said. Harish Badami, Country manager for Rohm and Haas in India, described the new plant as "the natural next step to our success."

J. Michael Fitzpatrick, Rohm and Haas president and chief operating officer, said during groundbreaking ceremonies that India "presents a growing market for our Coatings and Adhesives and Sealants businesses, and is a key location for further growth throughout the Asia-Pacific region."