MOSCOW - Rohm and Haas has launched a new manufacturing facility in the Ramenskoye region of Moscow, Russia. The plant was developed from a greenfield site with close proximity to key customers and excellent access to local and imported raw materials and all key utilities.
Manufacturing at the plant will focus on additives for paint and coatings materials and adhesives. The plant has been designed with the capability to make a wider range of polymers for coatings and detergents at a later date.
The new plant will have an ultimate capacity of 70,000 metric tons upon completion of the final stage. The first stage is being launched now. The plant is the company’s largest investment in Russia to date and will be wholly owned by Rohm and Haas. It will create employment in the area for chemical engineers, operators and administrative personnel.
“This new stage in the Russian activities of Rohm and Haas is really important for the company,” said Cheryl Martin, Vice President and General Manager, Paint and Coatings Materials, for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. “We have been active in Russia for more than 30 years through our affiliates. This investment heralds a new commitment into what we consider to be one of our core growth markets. We are sure that in spite of the world economic crisis it is important we continue to make investments in markets with high potential such as Russia.”