CRANFIELD, UK - DOMINO, a new industrial consortium run by BHR Group and dedicated to the study of dispersion and manufacture of nanoparticles, will kick-off in October 2007.

Currently, the design of processes that involve the dispersion of nanoparticles is primarily based on past knowledge rather than fundamental understanding. This constitutes a major barrier to taking a new product to market within a short period of time. DOMINO will carry out experimental and simulation work, enabling its members to apply the knowledge (data, correlations, models and design tools) to their processes, allowing rapid scale-up and consistent product quality. Founding members will have the opportunity to direct the first phase of the project at the kick-off meeting on October 18, 2007. Primary technical areas for the first phase are particle incorporation into liquid, break-up and dispersion of particle agglomerates and dispersion rheology.

The consortium will be run in the same way as FMP (Fluid Mixing Processes), another industrial consortium run by BHR Group, which has provided major chemical companies with reactor design data for the last 24 years.