WEST CALDWELL, NJ - Consumption in Asia of seven leading coatings additives was 655 million lbs., worth $1.5 billion, according to the consulting firm of Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney. This compares to U.S. consumption of $800 million for the same additive types, which include biocides, rheology modifiers, dispersants, foam control, wetting, and slip and rub materials. Coatings additives growth in Asia is forecast to be nine percent per year through 2012, more than four times that of the United States.

China is the largest consumer of coatings additives in Asia, spending 37 percent of all dollars. Continued growth in building and manufacturing activity will give coatings additives a robust 13 percent annual rate of growth in China. Japan is the second-largest consumer of coatings additives spending 28 percent of all dollars. Little growth is forecast for coatings additives in Japan. South Korea is third in coatings additives use in Asia with 14 percent of the dollars spent. Growth is placed at a mature three-percent annual rate. India consumes only seven percent of coatings additives, but is the fastest-growing country with a 14-percent annual rate projected through 2012. India’s housing industry is expanding, which is increasing the demand for architectural coatings. Industrial coatings consumption is small in India, but growing rapidly.
When analyzing additive consumption by type, biocides are the largest type consumed in Asia, with 28 percent of consumption. Rheology modifiers are the second-largest type, contributing to 23 percent of dollars spent, and dispersants are next in value with 13 percent.

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