BEDFORDSHIRE, UK - DOMINO, a new industrial consortium launched in October 2007 and led by BHR Group, is inviting interested companies to join. The consortium investigates the incorporation and dispersion of nanoparticles into liquids. Current members include Akzo Nobel, Church & Dwight, GSK, Huntsman, Solvay and Ytron-Quadro.  

Sat Panesar, Sales Director at BHR Group explained, “The aim of DOMINO is to develop process design procedures based on experimental and numerical findings of the program. It is anticipated that these will replace the trial-and-error type of approach in process design.”  

“The overall objective of the project is to enable member companies to increase the profitability and reliability of their processes that involve dispersion of nano and micro particles in liquids,” Panesar added.  

Membership allows companies immediate access to all confidential results, findings, recommendations, experimental procedures, design procedures, computational models developed during the project, networking platforms, confidential support for implementation of findings and training courses.  

For further details, contact Sat Panesar at +44 (0)1234 750422.