ELGIN, IL - DSM Desotech, a leader in the development and supply of UV-curable fiber optic materials, has announced the opening of its newly expanded China ink manufacturing facility, DSM Desotech Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Ltd. (DDSC). The ISO-9001-certified operation has relocated from Gonglu to Xinghou, China, into a new facility that has doubled in size and is positioned for growth. 

 “We have enlarged our existing operation in light of healthy industry conditions within China and anticipation of future expansion,” said DSM Desotech Vice President of Fiber Optic Materials Rob Crowell. “DDSC will not only be a bright star for China, but it will also benefit DSM Desotech’s customers around the globe as strong demand for FTTx projects increase. 

 “This facility will operate as a critical and integral part of DSM Desotech’s global operation, serving today’s UV-curable fiber optics materials market. We envision significant advantages in manufacturing flexibility while maintaining high efficiency and quality, which are known as the leading benchmark of the industry. In addition, we will expand our local technical support footprint, backed by the best, leading-edge research and technology development available in the market.”  

In addition to UV ink production, the DDSC facility houses a quality control laboratory, warehouse and state-of-the-art technical service lab. It rests on the site of DSM Nutritional Products (DNP) in Xinghuo, a 207,000-square-meter complex, which serves as a strategic manufacturing base for DSM in China.