Ashtabula, OH - Plasticolors, Inc. has recently completed the realignment of its North American sales agency network. With the acquisition of the UCD™ Colorants business in July 2007, Plasticolors had been using two separate sales agency networks to support its paint and coatings business. In an effort to provide clarity to customers and position the business for future growth, the sales agency network was realigned to provide one representative agency in each region or market.
The agencies were chosen in the realignment based on their superior abilities to promote paint and coatings raw materials in their regions or markets. In addition, these agencies represent other quality raw material manufacturers, are well known in their regions and have excellent customer relationships.
“The realignment will provide improved focus and clarity through Plasticolors’ paint and coatings sales channel,” said Michael McCormick, Plasticolors’ Industry Manager for Coatings Business. “It was a difficult task to realign our sales channel because we had very good agencies representing us; however, these changes strengthen Plasticolors’ position as one of the preeminent colorant suppliers to the paint and coatings industry.”
In the New England states, D N Lukens has been retained to handle Plasticolors’ paint and coatings colorants, including all UCD and traditional Plasticolors colorants. In the Mid-Atlantic and South Central states, Brenntag Specialties Inc. has been retained and will represent all paint and coatings colorants.
In the southeastern states, McCullough & Associates has been retained to represent Plasticolors for all paint and coating and urethane colorants. M.F. Cachat (Burks) will be retained to represent Plasticolors in the wood coating and cast polymer markets.
In the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region, the territory will be covered by Specialty Chemical Sales and Wise Technical Marketing. Wise Technical Marketing will continue to represent Plasticolors for new sales in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and Wisconsin. Specialty Chemical Sales will represent Plasticolors for new sales in Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio and South Dakota. Both agencies will retain major current customers in all states within the entire region.
P.T. Hutchins will represent Plasticolors in the western and mountain states. NorthSpec Chemicals Corp. will cover the paint and coatings market in all of Canada, while High Chem Specialties will represent Plasticolors for paint and coatings in Mexico.
“The breadth of our product line, strong technical capabilities, enthusiastic sales force and desire to exceed our customer’s expectations provides a basis for strong future growth," McCormick said.