LENEXA, KS – Two Kansas companies, Premier Paint 2000 Inc. and C3 Technology LLC, along with Tech Line Coatings Inc. in California, have introduced the first waterborne clearcoat on the automotive paint market.

California and Canada’s new environmental policies have pushed companies to create products that match or exceed new regulations. In both California and Canada, auto shops are facing strict changes to VOC-emission rules by the end of this year. South Coast California Air Quality District now requires that multistage clearcoats have a 250g/L (2.1 lb./gal.) VOC-emissions rating or better. Canada’s new regulation matches California but won’t be required until 2010. Single-stage clearcoats will require a 340 g/L (2.8 lb./gal.) emission rating in California and a 420 g/L (3.5 lb./gal.) in Canada. The new product falls into the single application category of 1.2 lb./gal., with VOC emissions well below EPA, California and Canada’s standards.

Testing of the new product has proved it is durable to environmental stresses, compatible with all waterborne and solvent-based paints, and provides a shine that matches or exceeds current market standards. A very important feature of the new clearcoat is the absence of any isocyanates, a chemical that has been proven to cause medical conditions from asthma to cancer.

The new technology is in the final stages of testing; a January 2009 release date is anticipated.