HELSINKI, Finland - Teknos has signed a contract to acquire the Slovenian paint distributor DO-RAL and established a new sales company Teknos d.o.o. Dominik Zupan, the owner of DO-RAL, will be a minority shareholder in the new company.  

Before the acquisition, DO-RAL acted as sales agent for Teknos selling industrial wood paints to local door, window and furniture manufacturers. The cooperation started in 2004, with DO-RAL marketing helping to put the Teknos brand on the map in Slovenia.  

Sales in Slovenia and its neighboring countries, such as Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia, have grown. The purchase of DO-RAL's business will provide Teknos with a local base from which to strengthen sales and service capabilities and allow it a greater share of Slovenian and Balkan markets.  

Dominik Zupan has been nominated as Managing Director in the new company, and personnel from DO-RAL will move to the new company. Teknos plans to strengthen the organization in Slovenia and widen the product range to cover paints and coatings for the metal industry. 

The company will move to a larger facility near Ljubljana, Slovinia, which includes a large warehouse, technical facilities and tinting service.