BETHESDA, MD - With economics, energy and the environment taking center stage, the RadTech uv.eb WEST 2009 Conference, held February 17-18 in Los Angeles, CA, drew energized attendees devoted to advancing U.S. manufacturing. Ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technologies were spotlighted at the event, offering businesses significantly greater economic efficiencies while reducing harmful emissions.
"The success of this event is an example of U.S. industry's commitment to rebuild and recapture our leadership in manufacturing technology and to do so in an energy efficient and environmentally sustainable way," said Mike Idacavage, of Cytec, and President of RadTech. "In addition to representation from traditional U.S. manufacturers, the event featured emerging applications such as photovoltaics, which helps establish the leadership of UV and EB as well positioned to help enable our new energy economy."
The two-day event showcased UV and EB applications for aerospace and defense, wood, metals, plastics, food packaging, and printing and inkjet. For the first time, the rapidly emerging use of UV/EB in photovoltaics was presented to a standing room only crowd.