EDMONTON, Canada - Clive Willis, President of CWIC Inc., will make a keynote presentation at the 2009 International Conference on Nanotechnology for the Forest Products Industry, presented by TAPPI and the Alberta Ingenuity Fund, June 23-26, 2009, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The theme of this year’s event is “Unlocking the Potential of Nano-Enabled Biomaterials.”
Willis, Science and Technology (S&T) Specialist in the areas of strategic planning, innovation, research and technology management, will make a keynote presentation, “ISO/TC 229 International Standards,” on Thursday, June 25. He will provide one of five keynote presentations at the conference.
In addition, to Willis’ presentation, the conference’s technical program will include more than 40 presentations. Presentations will focus on the manufacture and characterization of nanostructured cellulose, managing environmental risks and concerns, nanocomposites, global challenges, nanotechnology and paper, novel nanotechnology applications, cellulose nanofiber synthesis, emerging markets, and nanoscale characterization.
The event brings together leading researchers, industry experts, government representatives and other stakeholders to share advances, perspectives and discuss new ideas and breakthrough concepts on nanotechnology-based advances. More details are available at www.tappi.org/09nano.