ROSWELL, GA - The Research Triangle Region of North Carolina is the new home of Sipcam Agro USA, Inc. and its two wholly owned subsidiaries, Advan LLC and Sostram Corp. The new corporate headquarters officially opens on Jan. 5, 2009.
The relocation coincides with the company’s plans for growth, based on new technologies as well as traditional plant protection chemistries.
As Sipcam Agro USA President and Chief Executive Officer Andy Lee explained, “The relocation comes as Sipcam-Advan is positioned for expansion. Today, we are an $80 million company providing technology to protect the investment of growers in turf, ornamental and food crops in the United States and Mexico. Our vision is to become a $200 million company in the next five years by improving our customers’ profitability.”
Owned by the Sipcam/Oxon Group, an Italian company known for its formulation and manufacturing expertise, Sipcam Agro USA utilizes a distribution-focused marketing strategy to provide fungicides, herbicides and insecticides to the agricultural marketplace. Advan LLC, which became a wholly owned Sipcam Agro subsidiary on Sept. 1, 2008, serves the professional turf, ornamental and organic agriculture markets, as well as the home and garden industry in both the United States and Mexico. Sostram Corp., a longtime producer of industrial biocides, markets an expanding line of environmental-care products targeting termites, insects, decay, mold and odor control to the professional pest management industry.