CHICAGO - Atlas Material Testing Technology offers basic and advanced Fundamentals of Weathering seminars to educate its broad client base on the essential elements of weathering testing. These seminars are designed for professionals involved in the development or sale of coatings, plastics, textiles, cosmetics or any product that can be affected by exposure to light or weather.
Atlas offers two course levels to accommodate different weathering testing experience. Courses are held consecutively so attendees from Level I can immediately build on their knowledge in Level II.
Level I topics include primary factors of weathering and material durability, international test methods for accelerated outdoor testing and artificial laboratory testing.
Level II topics include choosing the appropriate test, structuring the test for maximum value of results, and weathering testing analysis and evaluation techniques. Fundamentals of Weathering Level I will be held June 10, 2009, in Chicago, followed by Level II on June 11.
Fundamentals of Weathering Level I will also be held Sept. 30, 2009, in Chicago, with Level II following on Oct. 1.
Additional Fundamentals of Weathering seminars will be held in various locations worldwide. A complete list of Atlas's global educational events is available at