MOSCOW - Russian Corp. of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) has signed agreements of cooperation with the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) and Moscow State University (MSU).
Under the terms of its agreement, the Russian Academy of Science will assist RUSNANO in defining key directions for development of nano-industry by using scientific and technical forecast in various high-tech industries. To enable this, the exchange of scientific and technical information, creation and unification of information databases on scientific and technical developments, and innovative projects in the field of nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and nanosystems, are conceived.
RUSNANO and RAS will cooperate on the selection and realization of projects aimed at commercialization of nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and nanosystems, They will also work for development of competitive scientific and technical schools in Russia. To achieve these goals, RUSNANO and RAS will jointly train professionals for the nanoindustry and attract young specialists, post-graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to the field of nanotechnologies.
RUSNANO and MSU will cooperate on the development of innovative infrastructure for nanoindustry, the preparation and realization of innovative nanotechnological projects in their early stages, and the implementation of educational projects on retraining and advanced training of professionals for nanoindustry. RUSNANO will use the expert potential of MSU’s scientists for project expertise.
RUSNANO and MSU have agreed on creation of the Innovation Center for Nanotechnologies, which will serve as a base for development and pilot production. This will breach the gap between the results of research and their practical implementation. The Center will function as an infrastructure base for realization of RUSNANO and MSU nanotechnological projects.
The Russian Corp. of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO) was founded on July 19, 2007. Its purpose is to implement government policy in the sphere of nanotechnologies.