LAS VEGAS – Kelly-Moore Paint Co. Inc., an innovator of waterborne-coating technology and the first company to offer recycled paint, has introduced a new, comprehensive Kelly-Moore Dealership Program.
Kelly-Moore’s entire paint product line is available to dealers, including industrial coatings, lacquers, varnishes and paints. The company’s professional sales representatives understand customer needs and can offer advice on how to select the paints and the price points that fit each dealer’s market. The program provides related sundries that can be purchased in customized quantities to improve inventory turns. Sundries include professional brushes and covers, caulking and patching materials, masking tape and film, drop cloths and putty knives, and other items for smooth completion of each project.
Initial product training is included in the program to ensure each dealer receives all of the required sales material and techniques that have been specially developed for Kelly-Moore’s in-store sales representatives. The training includes basic-to-advanced paint studies, application tools and sundries, as well as proper customer service techniques.
Kelly-Moore continually maintains and improves all paint formulations beyond the strict air-quality regulations required and offers dealers several lines of environmentally friendly, low-odor paints. With increased market demand for “green” paints, Kelly-Moore recently introduced two zero-VOC, low-odor paint lines: the premium Enviro Coat and the professional Green Coat.
Kelly-Moore offers ready-mixed colors as well as paints that are available in four bases for in-store tinting of custom colors. The dealers can also access Color Studio services to help secure larger projects and receive a formula book for all colors using Kelly-Moore colorants to achieve desired matching. They can also receive most major brands of tinting and shaker equipment at Kelly-Moore’s landed cost.