MONHEIM, Germany - Global specialty chemicals supplier Cognis, Monheim, Germany, is endowing a Chair of Communications and Management of Chemical Processes in Industry at the University of Wuppertal located in Wuppertal, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The endowment is intended to promote teaching, research and development activities relating to sustainable chemistry and to strengthen the company’s ties with the university. Cognis will fund the post for three years.
The Cognis professorship is dedicated to interdisciplinary research and development activities in the area of sustainable chemistry. In particular, the research will focus on how the efficient management of chemical processes can optimize resource and energy utilization. The University of Wuppertal will develop basic concepts for new products and production processes, criteria for evaluating products and processes for performance, environmental compatibility and sustainability, and ways of communicating these benefits. The research will involve interdisciplinary collaboration, combining scientific, economic and engineering-related aspects.