NORMAN OK -- SouthWest NanoTechnologies Inc. (SWeNT), a manufacturer of single-wall and specialty multi-wall carbon nanotubes (CNT), has introduced CNT inks based on V2VTM Ink Technology developed by alliance partner, Chasm Technologies Inc.
For the first time, carbon nanotubes can now be printed using commercial, high-volume printing methods and equipment, including flexographic, gravure and screen printing.
This breakthrough ink technology combined with SWeNT’s unique ability to tailor the synthesis of CNT materials for applications (using its patented CoMoCAT® process) will enable customers to print large-area, low-cost devices for a wide range of applications including energy efficient lighting, affordable photovoltaics, improved energy storage and printed electronics.
“Now, we can tailor the CNT properties for specific applications as well as the CNT Ink properties for a customer’s preferred printing method in a simple, total solution,” explained David Arthur, SWeNT CEO. When these inks are dried, all but the CNT itself vanishes, leaving behind no residual materials from dispersing aids or viscosity modifiers that can compromise printed CNT performance.
According to Chasm Co-Founder, Bob Praino, “The combination of CNTs tailored for performance with our V2V™ ink vehicle tailored for the desired printing method is a very exciting innovation that makes it easier and less costly to incorporate CNTs into a number of printed electronics applications.”
SWeNT can incorporate all of its CNT products, conductive, single or multi-wall into the inks.
The CNT Ink viscosity has been adjusted from 50 to 5,000 centipoise at CNT concentrations of one gram per liter. This means that these inks are compatible with a variety of printing processes and that the desired quantity of CNTs can typically be applied in a single pass. Also, since drying is done at 100 °C or less, a wide variety of temperature-sensitive substrates can be used.