PITTSBURGH - PPG Industries can help metal roof manufacturers expedite registration of their cool roof coating colors with the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and the ENERGY STAR Cool Roof program, enabling them to promote tax credits and meet "green" building criteria.
The initiative results from a modification ENERGY STAR recently made to its Cool Roof program, which now accepts products registered with CRRC under its Color Family Program. Under the CRRC program, PPG can register a "representative" color in one of 17 standard color families, provided it has met CRRC's prescribed three-year aged exposure criteria. New or additional colors within the same color family can be added to the CRRC registry without three-year test data as long as they meet CRRC's initial ratings criteria for solar reflectance (SRV), thermal emittance (TE) and color. PPG can then help metal roofing manufacturers register these colors with CRRC and ENERGY STAR under their own company names.
PPG can accelerate dual-color registration with CRRC and ENERGY STAR because it is the only coatings manufacturer with registered representative color standards, including three-year test data, for all 17 CRRC color families in both polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and siliconized-polyester coating technologies.