FAIRFIELD, OH - ChemInstruments Inc. has reorganized and expanded its Manufacturers Representative organization in Europe. The ChemInstruments Manufacturers Representative group is responsible for selling and serving the ChemInstruments line of adhesive testing and development equipment in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
In order to better serve its customer base in the European Union, ChemInstruments Inc. has named three existing Manufacturers Representative organizations -- Adhesive Technical Services in the U.K., Ichemco in Italy and Likk in Russia -- as Master Representatives. With this change, all three companies will take on additional geographic responsibilities and implement a Sub-Group Representative Program in their expanded geographic areas of responsibility.
Adhesive Technical Services will now serve Austria, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland and the UK. Ichemco will be responsible for Algeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland and Romania. Likk will be responsible for the regions of Russia, Belarus, Moldavia and Ukraine.