CHELMSFORD, MA – Triton Systems Inc. (Triton), a Massachusetts-based materials products company, has announced plans to establish a new facility in Fargo, ND. The company’s Fargo facility will primarily be devoted to applications engineering and manufacturing of advanced coatings for military products including bed nets, tent fabrics and military garments. Future applications include chemical detection sensing systems.
The Triton facility, to be located in Fargo’s NDSU Research and Technology Park, will house Triton’s novel and environmentally friendly ASSET™ coatings capabilities. The ASSET (Advanced Solutions in Surface Engineering Technology) coating method is a unique and powerful process enabling ultra-thin, rugged, highly functional surface modifications and coatings for such broad applications as biomedical devices, textiles, optical systems and electronics. The coatings can be applied to almost any surface, making it ideal for a variety of new products. Initially, the facility will be set up to support applications engineering for a number of end uses for the Department of Defense in partnership with North Dakota State University. Triton plans to acquire approximately 3,000 square feet of space with the goal of doubling that space within 24 months.
Triton has a proven track record of forging global alliances to transition product concepts out of the lab and into the marketplace. Triton has partnered with numerous Fortune 500 companies and major universities to mature ideas to marketable products. Triton plans to hire applications engineering, processing and manufacturing positions in Fargo.
Triton is an advanced materials and systems engineering product development firm headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts. Triton selectively combines U.S. Government funds with private-equity investments to transition ideas to the marketplace. Founded in 1992, Triton, along with its affiliates, has two locations in Massachusetts, a life science group in Berkeley, California, and a manufacturing site in Domat-EMS, Switzerland.