ESSEN, Germany/HOPEWELL, VA - The Inorganic Materials Business Unit of Evonik Industries is increasing prices for carbon black pigments and pigment preparations by up to nine percent, depending on the product. The price increase will be effective for all deliveries on or after March 1, 2010.
Effective March 15, 2010, Evonik will increase prices for all polyurethane additives as contracts permit. The increase ranges from 5-10 percent depending on product type and includes TEGOSTAB® silicone stabilizers, GORAPUR® release agents, TEGOAMIN® catalysts and ORTEGOL® products.
Effective March 15, 2010, the Polyurethane Additives business line of Evonik Goldschmidt Corp. will increase KOSMOS® 29 stannous octoate prices by 10-12 percent in North America. Prices for KOSMOS 29 dilutions and KOSMOS 19 dibutyl tin dilaurate will also increase.